HVC Hotcake laguito #5 Maduro Review

So the HVC Hotcake Laguito #5 Maduro was released by boutique brand HVC. It's a follow up to their hit Pan Caliente cigar. It's made in Nicaragua with Nicaraguan tobacco and uses a Mexican San Andres wrapper.

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Pre-lit impressions

Pre-lit, this cigar smelled amazing. Lots of chocolate, which is always sought after and elusive when smoking a cigar. Some wood and earth notes as well.

1st Third

The first third was full of flavor and spice. Lots of everything: chocolate, pepper, cedar, leather. It was a little too much flavor out of the gate for me, but things started to calm down and this cigar got much better during the 2nd and last third.

2nd Third

The second third got much better. The flavor tampered way down and you could really taste the chocolate and wood profile, with just a hint of spice and pepper.

Last Third

The final third was the best part of the cigar in my opinion. Everything blended together really nicely, the profiles weren't overwhelming. The chocolate and wood profiles remained. 

The Burn

The burn on this cigar was fantastic. Super clean, stayed lit, no canoeing or tunneling at all.

After Taste

I like to rate the cigar after-taste and the Hotcake after taste was really good. It gave a chocolatey after taste that aged really well.

Cigar Stats

Cigar HVC Hotcake Laguito #5 Maduro
Wrapper Mexican San Andreas
Tobacco Binder/Filler Nicaragua
Factory Tabacos Valle de Jalapa S.A
Size Toro
Strength Medium/Full
Rating 4/5

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