AJ Fernandez "Dias de Gloria" Review: Cedar Spice Autumn Cigar Glory

It's time we took a little trip down the spice aisle. No, not the baking spice aisle. We're talking the spicy, peppery, potent portion of the premium cigar blend world.

Now that Autumn has officially made its presence known, it feels like it's time for some stronger smoking experiences. Cigars that taste right at home next to a campfire, with top shelf rum or whiskey in hand, and good friends to keep you company.

To start off this venture into the world of fiery tobacco, I turned toward a cigar called "Dias de Gloria" by AJ Fernandez. A medium-full strength 100% Nicaraguan puro, boasting robust seven-year-aged tobacco, all sourced from AJ's farms. 

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Unlit Impressions

AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria

Sheathed in cedar, and rocking a reddish-walnut colored sun-grown wrapper, the "Dias de Gloria" truly looks spectacular.

Slide that wafer thin strip of cedar away, and you are left with a nicely packed, beautifully constructed stogie, that has loads of leather, white and black pepper, and earthy sweetness in abundance upon the nose. Oh, and let's not forget cedar. LOTS of cedar. 

Initial Smoke

AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria

Straight out the gate, this cigar smacks you with toasted spice and loads of rich earthy tobacco. A strength level that is right toward the upper edge of medium-full, and loaded with cedar from that tube that was wrapped around it.

Baking spices and leather linger a bit, but play second smoke ring to the stout tobacco flavors of this smoke.

2nd Half

Merging into the middle of this cigar is where the spice really begins to build. Both from a "spicy" and "spiced" standpoint. This is by no means a sweet cigar, so all of that peppercorn and toasted cinnamon, nutmeg, and various other baking spice notes are all of the dry kind.
The heat is definitely building by this point, but in a pleasant tonsil-tingling sort of way. Almost like that feeling you get when you have a top shelf liquor neat, and there's that lingering finish.
In this instance, imagine a really mellow, unsweetened spiced chai, and you will begin to get a whiff of why the "Dias de Gloria" is so damn glorious. Especially when paired with a top-shelf rum... 

Parting Puffs

AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria
From foot to finish line, AJ Fernandez's "Dias de Gloria" did not disappoint when it came curtain time. Smooth and superbly built, with waves of cedar and spice throughout, this smoke moved from medium-full to all-out full with grace and in good taste. A fantastic finish to a stout cigar that welcomes Autumn with open arms.

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria

Outside of it having a little bit of a tight draw at times, the construction and combustion of AJ Fernandez's "Dias de Gloria" was superb.

This was probably due in part to the impressive amount of tobacco packed inside the smoke. 

Final Thoughts

AJ Fernandez Dias de Gloria
I could not have been more pleased with my inaugural kick-off smoke for this little "spicy cigar voyage" I have opted to undertake. Bespoken of its title, "Dias de Gloria" was meant to be AJ Fernandez's salute to the cigars that were rolled in Cuba during its glory days. And while very few of us had the privilege of being able to indulge in a pre-Castro Cuban stogie, this homage is a magnificent offering.
Was I left feeling a dash disappointed that it did not have as much kick as I had hoped? Perhaps. Could I have gone with a little bit of a looser draw and more profuse plumes of smoke? Indeed.
But outside of these minor qualms this smoke was on top of its game and then some from the minute I lit it up, to the second I set it down. Now to see about scoring a few more for next week's camping trip...

Cigar Stats

Cigar AJ Fernandez "Dias de Gloria" 
Wrapper Nicaraguan Sun-Grown 
Tobacco Binder/Filler Nicaraguan /Nicaraguan 
Factory Nicaragua
Size Robusto
Strength Medium-Full
Pairing Drink Ron Zacapa 23-Year-Old Rum
Rating 4.4/5

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