5 Affordable Cigar Gifts for Dad

Sports team allegiances, political preferences, and upbringings aside, there is one thing that almost every dad has in common: They all love good gear.

Giving your father a gift that he will actually use is one of the wisest shopping decisions you can make. This is especially true for the cigar-smoking, discerning type.

So may it be Father's Day, a birthday, some form of holiday, or just a special occasion, the following five cigar-oriented gift options are guaranteed to impress even the most hardcore stogie snob. 

#1 Klaro 3-Cigar Leather Travel Case

Klaro 3 Cigar Travel Case

Engineered with quick fishing trips, golfing shenanigans, and poker nights in mind, this Spanish-cedar-lined travel case is the ultimate one-day adventure in mind. 

Wrapped in lush genuine leather, with polished gunmetal caps protecting each end in style, this travel case comes ready to accommodate up to three 58-ring gauge cigars, or two 60-ring gauge smokes.

A dash of personalization can also be added via monogrammed initials in either gold or silver.

#2 Gunmetal Cutter & Torch Kit

Gunmetal Cigar Torch Lighter and Cutter

Forged from heavy-duty steel and extensively tested for unrivaled reliability and longevity, this gunmetal cigar combo set packs the types of tools dads geek out over. And it all starts with combining the sharpest blades with the smoothest movement to make a heavy-duty twin-guillotine cigar cutter equal parts effective and indestructible.

And then there's the matching gunmetal triple-torch lighter. Packing a spring-loaded lid for torch head protection when not in use, and an easy-access flame nozzle for torch control, this is the sort of cigar lighter for big boys who like big toys. Hidden within the bottom of the lighter, is a slide-button-activated cigar punch, for those rare moments when dad feels like less truly is more.

While this accessory kit will fit within any Klaro humidor drawer, it was specifically designed with the Klaro Military Humidor storage compartment and the accessory pouches within the Klaro Flint Leather Travel Case in mind. 

 #3 5-Pack of Cigars

Cigar Subscription

If your old man is the kind of cat who has damn near everything, gifting him something that is considered "consumable" is probably the safest route.

So instead of just handing him a bottle of the good stuff like last year, consider sliding one of these surprisingly affordable 5-packs into the bag along with it to pair with that hooch. 


Partagas Cortado 

(for fans of mild cigars that aren't boring)

AJ Fernandez New World Cameroon 

(a box-pressed medium smoke with loads of nutty undertones)

Oliva Serie G Maduro 

(the ideal maduro dark cigar for coffee and chocolate lovers)

Alec Bradley V2L Black 

(smooth and strong, like a Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the teeth)

#4 Maxwell 8-Cigar Travel Case 

Maxwell 8-Cigar Travel Humidor

The Maxwell travel cigar case is a hard-shell mini humidor engineered with protection, freshness, and looks in mind. 

Capable of holding up to eight 6.5" long cigars in place with soft-touch elastic bands, this travel case's aromatic Spanish cedar internals are here to help transport dad's stogies in style. Finishing touches include gunmetal hardware and personalized monogramming, both of which help make this travel humidor truly unique.

#5 Spanish Cedar Spills

Spanish Cedar Spill

Handing your dad a bundle of kindling may sound like the cheapest present imaginable outside of that ashtray you made in second grade, but hear us out. Spanish cedar truly is the cleanest and coolest way to light a cigar

Made from the highest grade of Spanish cedar on the market, these wafer-thin strips of wood form a soft flame that virtually eliminates the risk of cigar scorching when lit.

The flavor profile of Spanish cedar has been known to enrich the flavor of milder cigars with aromatics that were born to be blended with premium tobacco. A must-have inexpensive accessory for that cigar snob in your life who presumes that they have it all.