How to Light a Cigar With a Strip of Cedar

 When it comes to lighting a cigar, few methods can compare to a classic strip of Spanish cedar. 

Commonly referred to as a "cedar spill," these wafer-like scraps from the cigar box production process offer a classy, aromatic introductory start to any cigar smoking experience.

Just keep that strip of cedar at a slight angle to encourage a slow, even burn, and be sure to always light-up in a safe environment. Cedar spills are notorious for throwing ash everywhere and can produce quite a large flame if one is not careful. So play it cool hotshot, and try not to singe that precious cigar wrapper or your eyebrows.

Once ignited, a cedar spill will produce a low-temp source of heat that is devoid of lighter fumes and natural occurring chemicals, or the sulfur commonly associated with a match. 

The result? A kick-ass start to a stogie that smells just as nice as it looks... 

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