3 Minute Deep Dive: Cigar Review Accuracy Explained

Ever wonder how accurate a cigar review actually is?

We here at Klaro Cigars too have pondered this particular question from time to time. Not because we doubt the experts or the average weekend stogie smoker popping their opinion up on our website. But because of the various factors that can make or break a cigar review, as well as the knowledge and skills of the person puffing on that fat stick of nicotine.

Cigar Review Accuracy

Survey Says... Diddly Squat

First off, one must recognize the obvious fact that one person's personal preferences for premium cigar blends may differ greatly from the next cigar smoker. Even we "cigar experts" tend to choose favorites, even when we know that all premium cigar blends are worthy of an unbiased review.

Factor in the sensitivity (or lack thereof) of the person's palate, and things get even more chaotic. Were they hungover when they smoked that cigar and their taste buds were just a wee bit off? Perhaps nasal allergies have caused their retrohale skills to waver. Or maybe they just weren't in a focused mood that day.

All of these things make for crappy and/or misleading cigar reviews, which is why we here at Klaro will occasionally choose to hold off on reviewing a cigar. This isn't just a job. It's a passion. And with any passion in life, truly enjoying and analyzing a premium cigar blend means giving 100%.

Cigar Review Accuracy

The Pros, and the Pro's Nose... Knows

Fortunately, most of the people who smoke cigars and review them for a living, tend to not only know what they are talking about, but can accurately illustrate what they are detecting via touch, smell, taste, and sight.

A discerning eye, coupled with a sensitive set of olfactory senses and some extensive knowledge of tobacco and cigar production methods all make mighty fine cornerstones from which to build a solid cigar review. And the same can be said for the reviewer as well.

Cigar Review Accuracy

Pick Your Pleasure

Our advice? Read and watch as many cigar reviews as you can until you find someone who really resonates with you and your preferences for premium cigars. While they may or may not be able to detect the same flavors, aromas, and structural nuances that you encounter in the same cigar, chances are they can at least give you an idea as to whether a certain stick is worth snatching up.

Cigars are intended to provide us with pleasure. So why not make the most of it, and read and/or watch reviews that bring you just as much joy?