3 Minute Deep Dive: Cigar Nicotine Explained


There's no getting around it: All cigars contain nicotine. 

How much, you wonder? Try anywhere from 100-200mg on for size. 

But while that might sound like quite a lot (because it is), the level of nicotine absorbed by the human body while smoking a cigar is surprisingly low. 

That is because most cigar smokers do not inhale while puffing away on their preferred tobacco blend. Yes, your mouth, throat, larynx, and nasal passages will absorb some nicotine, but nothing compared to what the human lungs are capable of absorbing.

So if you do start feeling a bit of a buzz while puffing, know that your body is likely feeling the effects of the nicotine in the cigar in your hand. Just take it easy, puff slowly, try to cut back on retrohaling out your nose, and don't hesitate to set that stogie down if it feels like it has become too much to handle.

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