Spring Cigar Pack - Mild/Medium
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Toss something special in your picnic basket this Spring for a fine afternoon smoke, and choose from any of these mild-to-medium stogies from the Spring Cigar Mild/Medium 5 Pack. Easy flavor to enjoy outside. 

20 Acre Farm - Aromas of cedar and oak bring out flavors of citrus and white pepper in this cigar.

CLE Connecticut 460 - Light and creamy. Notes of caramel, cocoa and spice can be tasted throughout this heavy plume cigar. 

C.A.O. Moontrance - Nicely blended infused cigar that features tastes of bourbon vanilla and natural exotic fruit. Mild and approachable, with a caramel sweetness and fruity undertones.

Ashton Classic - Notes of peat, some nuttiness, and citrus. Buttery, then closes with toasted grains and tannins. 

My Father Connecticut - The tangy, oaky white wine notes of this tannish cigar match the sweeter notes of graham cracker and pecan for an interesting sweet-and-sour effect. Touches of almonds, cinnamon.