TPE 2024 Coverage: A Quick Bit of Backstory on Dapper Cigar Co.

After bumping into our buddies over at Dapper Cigar Co. at the 2024 TPE Trade Show, an intriguing topic arose. 

How did Dapper's top-selling La Madrina Shade come to fruition? 

While company founder, Ian Reith, explains the backstory best in our little interview above, the takeaways from our chat with him were tremendously insightful. This is such a kick-ass little boutique cigar company, and we are proud to say that Dapper products have gone on to become some of our best-sellers here at Klaro.

Not only does the Oliva-grade construction of this boutique brand's cigars truly shine in every draw-tested stick we've smoked, but the company remains rooted in providing sensationally solid cigar blends.

So for more on this outstanding Connecticut wrapped best-seller, be sure to check out our official review of the La Madrina Shade from Dapper Cigar Co. Hell, while you're at it you might as well try out some of the other Dapper cigars currently in stock at Klaro.

And stay tuned, because this boutique company's portfolio is just getting bigger and better, so get ready to be bowled over by Ian's blends all over again here in a few months. 

 La Madrina Shade review