Stogie News: Camacho Broadleaf Coming Soon!!!

Camacho is delving into the Broadleaf tobacco game, with Honduras playing a primary role as the producer of this potent blend. 

Everything regarding the wrapper and binder is Honduran, with the primary part of the filler being from the same country. The only outsourced addition to the cigar is a dash of Dominican leaf thrown into the filler mix.

Marketed with robust references to flavor profiles of "...dark chocolate, espresso, creamy sweetness, and earthy spices..." the Camacho Broadleaf is set to be one hell of medium-strength smoke if it can reach an equilibrium. 

Camacho Broadleaf Toro

Operated and owned by Oettinger Davidoff, this all-new line launches on September 7th in a trifecta of popular sizes, including a robusto, toro, and gordo vitola. 

So while we wait for our chance to test out this "bold and unapologetic" premium cigar blend, we will be smoking the three Camacho cigars below. All of which kick a ton of ass, and encourage us to do as instructed, and "Live Loud."

Camacho Connecticut

Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged

Camacho Factory Unleashed 3