PCA 2024 Day 1 | Part 1 Coverage: La Palina Cigars & Exploring the Floor

As 2024 unfolds, we enter into what might be the last hurrah for the annual Premium Cigar Association (PCA) Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Starting in 2025, the show will be moved back to New Orleans, after a full decade's absence from the bourbon-soaked streets of "The Big Easy." 

So to send us off in grandiose fashion, the PCA's organizers solidified a deal with the Las Vegas Convention Center for this year's grand finale. Outside of being a bit of a hike from the hotel, I found it to be an improvement over last year's congregation at the Venetian Expo.  

And while many lament the fact that the show will be moving back to New Orleans next year, others seem indifferent, or even elated. Personally, I like New Orleans and am excited to see what next year's event has in store. But we'll get to this topic in another diatribe, for now, it's time for a quick synopsis of Part 1 of Day 1 at PCA 2024.

One Last Spin in Sin City

PCA 2024 Day 1 Part 1

Looking to make the most out of the show this year, I set to exploring the floor of the PCA Show, documenting as much as I could along the way so that those of you who are unable to attend can garner an inside glimpse of what this massive tobacco maelstrom has to offer the senses. Remember, PCA is an industry insider-only trade show, ergo it is not open to the hoi polloi

Luckily for my happy ass, we had a booth reserved for this year, allowing us to display our ever-expanding Klaro humidor portfolio to throngs of cigar shop owners and enthusiasts. But I wasn't there to sell humidors and talk shop. I was there to cover the show, snap some cigar celebrity photos, and secure a select few new additions to the Klaro Cigars stogie collection.

New La Palina Cigars & Accessories

La Palina KB Accessories

Coincidentally, it was the latter of these assignments that led me to the La Palina booth. That, and because I opted to stroll to the left side of the convention center and our friend Patrick from La Palina was standing there, sample stogie already in hand.

While I was far more of a fan of last year's cozy, living room-like layout, La Palina's setup this time around was far more spacious, and there was a good bit more to see. From collab projects with Accutron Watches, and all-new, KB colored Xikar cutters, to PCA exclusive vitolas of both Goldie and the 125 Años, Day 1 of PCA started on a familiar, yet fun note. 

La Palina Cigars

While in their booth, we also had the opportunity to solidify some fresh cigar blends to add to our collection of La Palina offerings. These include:

Mr. Sam 


La Palina Mr. Sam

Created to honor Mr. Sam Paley, the company's original founder, and rolled at the El Titan De Bronze Factory in Miami, Florida, Mr. Sam is the epitome of refinement. Rich in flavors such as coffee, spices, cedar, and hints of cracked pepper, this cigar delivers a medium-to-full-bodied experience.

Family Series Miami Alison 


La Palina Family Series Miami Alison

With fillers from Nicaragua, an habano binder from Ecuador, and a Corojo '99 wrapper out of Ecuador, La Palina's "Miami" line is a real treat for those who want something mild to medium in body, while still staying big on flavor. Each stick comes loaded with hints of cream, toast, caramel, and a tiny touch of pepper from the aged ligero in the filler.

Nicaragua Connecticut 


La Palina Nicaragua Connecticut

As the first collaboration between AJ Fernandez and La Palina, this blend takes filler and binder tobaccos from AJ's farms in Nicaragua, and then pops an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade leaf on top. The result are notes of earth, pepper, and roasted tree nuts in this light to medium-bodied smoke.

Blue Label 


La Palina Blue Label

Tastes of cedar, earth, cream, and leather emanate from this medium-to-full bodied cigar flavor profile, resulting in a slightly peppery, smooth yet spicy, robust but well-balanced blend. Grown almost entirely down in Honduras, this habano wrapped cigar features and additional habano binder, and fillers from Nicaragua and Honduras.

Black Label


La Palina Black Label

Utilizing a Brazilian Bahiano wrapper leaf, the La Palina Black Label is a ligero-heavy cigar sporting dual binders from the Dominican and Nicaragua, as well as fillers from the same two countries. Expect robust aromas of cocoa, espresso, dried fruit, and sweet wood from this powerful, full-bodied cigar.

Celebrity Sightings, Straw Hats, Flamethrowers & More Strolling

PCA Show 2024

After saying goodbye to our friends at La Palina, I made my way back over to the Klaro booth, where I ran into none other than Christian Eiroa of Camacho Cigars fame. While Mr. Eiroa moved on from Camacho decades ago to pursue the launching of brands like C.L.E., Asylum, and the Eiroa line, his name remains synonymous with the resurrection of the Camacho brand, as well as the Honduran corojo wrapper leaf.

A quick handshake and a chat later, I left Mr. Eiroa to his task of assessing our humidor line and set out to explore more of the PCA Show floor. Booth after booth, I strolled past, popping in and out as I saw fit, and documenting what appealed to the eye along the way.

Along the way, I encountered a cigar torch that reportedly launched 30-foot flames, saw some more cigar celebrities embroiled in heated conversations about tobacco laws, and eventually ended up behind the Oliva booth. There, I encountered the Aliados cantina, where they were pouring beer and handing out stogies with straw farm hats.

So I snagged a hat and a cup of suds, and struck out on my next mission: To explore the core of the trade show, secure some more boutique cigars for the Klaro portfolio, and get as close as comfortably possible to the one and only Mike Tyson. Stay tuned...

PCA Show 2024