Sneak Peek: Inside the Special Edition Digi Camo Klaro Military Humidor

Just when you thought that the Klaro Military Humidor couldn't get any more kick-ass, along comes the ultimate limited-run rendition: The Digi Camo Edition

Featuring a slick matte vinyl wrap finish, with nary a seam or missed fold in sight, this limited Digi Camo Edition of the best-selling Military Humidor signals Klaro's ever-expanding interest in producing class-leading products that are just as unique as they are functional. 

Digi Camo Klaro Military Humidor

Finished with reinforced matte black hardware at every turn, and an integrated digital hygrometer that's been finished in the same opaque color, this humidor was the star of the show during its debut at the annual PCA Trade Show this year.

As with every other Military-spec product in the Klaro humidor line, this cigar storage unit can hold up to 100 sticks and comes complete with our patent-pending Hydro Tray system.

Optional upgrades include an accessory tray pre-loaded with a lighter, cutter, and travel cigar case, and an additional sliding top tray for advanced storage solutions. You can also order one of these humidors alongside a Cigar + Humidor Bundle, so it comes loaded with cigars!

Klaro will be releasing just 100 of these "Digi Camo Edition" cigar humidors, so get yours before they disappear forever!

Digi Camo Klaro Military Humidor