Klaro Boutique Cigar Brand Spring 6-Pack 2024 Edition Now Available

Building upon the popularity of the Klaro Seasonal Spring 6-Pack comes an all-new boutique cigar brand spin on the best-selling bundle.

It's no secret that we are all about supporting small businesses here at Klaro, for we too are one of these independent operations. So to show some of the smaller cigar brands that have just been added to our growing cigar portfolio, and hopefully turn our members onto some fresh premium cigar blends in the process, we have built a boutique bundle that is exclusive to the 2024 spring season.

So scope out the smokes below for specs and cigar flavor profile details, and see if this mixed 6-pack strikes your fancy. We've got a little bit of everything in this combo kit, with each blend being uniquely different from the next.

1. Fratello Oro

Fratello Oro

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Starting off on a lighter, nuttier note, is the Fratello OroA creamy, candied dried fruit-filled Connecticut Shade cigar with touches of black pepper, mineral, and earth courtesy of Dominican ligero long-filler leaf and a malty Cameroon binder.

Silky smooth, but brimming with fuller-bodied nuances from its internals, Fratello's Oro is the sort of spring stogies you reach for when you're looking for something a little bit more complex than your run-of-the-mill Connecticut Shade stick.

2. Jake Wyatt Lucid Interval

Jake Wyatt Lucid Interval

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Nothing says Spring is here quite like the color green, which is precisely why we've added Jake Wyatt's Lucid Interval to this mixed 6-pack. As the first (and currently only) candela-wrapped cigar sold at Klaro, this smoke serves as an outstanding intro to those who are unfamiliar with this chlorophyll-filled style of smoke.

Candela wrappers are the most moderately fermented of all tobacco leaves, and form a unique cigar flavor profile that combines familiar shade-grown leaf staples of hay and buttered toast, and backs it with bolder notes of green tea, woodsy tannins, and freshly cut grass.

3. West Tampa Red

West Tampa Red

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Top 25 Cigar of 2023 at Cigar Aficionado, the boutique cigar blend from famed master blender Rick Rodriguez sets the tone for the rest of the West Tampa line to follow. Built around a core of bold dark chocolate, and loaded with flavors of hickory, nutmeg, leather, and rainforest soil, the West Tampa Red is a Mexican maduro-wrapped cigar for the ages. 

What makes this cigar so special, isn't just its flavor profile, but the texture, aroma, aftertaste, and level of smoke producedA must-sample cigar for those hankering for something robust after a full meal. 

4. Crux Epicure Maduro

Crux Epicure Maduro


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Moving toward the milkier, mocha end of the maduro cigar spectrum, comes the Crux Epicure MaduroDark and full in body, but far more medium in flavor and strength, this blend bases its existence around flavors of coffee and milk cocoa, lightly tanned leather, toasted cedar staves, vanilla, and roasted walnuts. A brilliant breakfast cigar pairing option for those on the hunt for a fresh boutique cigar to smoke in the morning. 

5. Casa de Sueños El Soñador

Casa de Sueños El Soñador

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As the smallest of all of the boutique cigar brands in this Spring 6-Pack, Casa de Sueños has a bit of an underdog advantage. The reason for this is based upon the traditional forms of production used to make its cigars (no power machinery here folks) and blends like the one seen here.

El Soñador by Casa de Sueños is a habano-wrapped cigar that is an ideal smoke for any occasion. Medium in every category, this stick is soaking with sweet cream, toasted almonds, touches of cocoa nibs, and a salty effervescence, that finishes with the taste of mixed peppercorns, dried cedar, and leather.  

6. Esteban Carreras Unforsaken

Esteban Carreras Unforsaken


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Finally, we get to the most flavor-forward, and dessert-like cigar in the pack: Esteban Carreras' Unforsaken. A cedar-sleeved cigar with a Sumatran wrapper, and Nicaraguan internals that have been aged for a whopping two years in rum barrels. Rated as medium-full in body, and completely full in flavor, this tannin-rich, chewy, exotic fruit spiced cigar has earned a spot as one of the best barrel-aged cigars offered at Klaro.