JFR Lunatic Maduro 10x100: Is the Largest Cigar Money Can Buy Worth It?

Everywhere you turn, large ring-gauge cigars seem to be taking over humidors. What started with 60 ring-gauged smokes in the early 2000s, soon escalated into 64, 70, 80, 90, and today... 100 circumference ratings. 

Yes, that's right folks. Aganorsa Leaf has released an even larger version of its already hulking Lunatic Maduro line. With its 10-inch length and 100 ring-gauge, this cigar secures the top slot as the largest cigar available for purchase on the American market today. 

Limited to just 2,500 sticks, and priced right about $40 a pop, the aptly named "Size That Shall Not Be Named" began shipping to stores this week. Aganorsa Leaf's VP, Terence Reilly, explains that while this smoke is definitely only meant for the daring, the demand is indeed there.

JFR Lunatic Maduro 10x100

So keep your eyes on social media for videos of anyone attempting to smoke one of these goliath's in one sitting, because we get the feeling that the "10x100 Challenge" is going to be all the rage come late 2023.

Personally, we prefer smoking this vitola's "smaller" sibling when we want something... sizable.

If you have a hankering for a humongous amount of maduro tobacco all at once, the 80-ring-gauge JFR Lunatic Maduro "El Grande" has everything that its big brother offers, but in a far more manageable format. The blend is the exact same, and so is the branding and belicoso cap on one end, but the price point (and smoking time) is far more palatable.

We'll leave a link to the "El Grande" vitola we sell down below, just in case you want to test your mandible's articulation capabilities. 

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JFR Lunatic Maduro "El Grande"