Introducing - Klaro Cigars

Ian and I have been working on something special for the last year, and we are excited to finally launch on Black Friday. We've spent an entire year talking to cigar aficionados, researching what competitors are doing, and of course, smoking different cigars. 

Today, I'm proud to introduce - Klaro Cigars, a monthly cigar subscription specifically curated for cigar smokers that want to go on a cigar journey. We didn't like some of the other cigar subscriptions because of the lack of transparency about which cigars you'd get every month. So our primary goal is to be clear about what you are getting. 

When ordering the 4 cigars a month, you can choose mild/medium, bold, or a variety. You'll be getting 2 legacy/brand name cigars and 2 boutique brand cigars to see if you favor the tried and true brands or something a little different. If you order the 10 cigar package, we are going to provide the 4 pack 2x so you can try each cigar twice or smoke with a friend. Plus a couple of cigars on the higher end. Of course, we provide a ton of informational material so you know everything there is to know about what you are smoking. 

We are thrilled for you to be going on this cigar tasting journey with us. If you haven't yet, check out Fat Ash Journal Podcast to smoke along with us.