How to Get a Free La Palina Lighter This Father's Day!

In search of a last-minute gift for your old man, and dig the notion of scoring a top-grade, triple-torch cigar lighter for free in the process? Well, Klaro and the cats over at La Palina Cigars have you covered compadre.

Right now, each box purchase from the La Palina portfolio rewards you with an official KB Lighter completely free of charge. That's a $150 piece of hardcore hardware, yours forever merely because you bought your old man a box of stogies for Father's Day 2024. That, or you bought yourself a box of cigars because you dig top-tier tobacco, and thought it might be time to ditch the Bic and upgrade to a really nice torch lighter. 

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La Palina Cigars

Whatever the reason, each of these units comes complete with an integrated punch in the base, solid steel construction, spring-loaded closures, and a horizontally mounted triple-flame configuration. Finished with a brutal color scheme, the KB Lighter from La Palina is one of the sharpest-looking pieces of cigar paraphernalia you can get your hands on. 

So snag a box of the good stuff from La Palina for that patriarch in your life, and weigh whether or not he's worthy of such a badass burner. Because this deal is limited to one purchase per customer, and we get the feeling that you might want to hold onto this complementary contraption for your own smoking purposes. 

La Palina Cigars KB Lighter