Casa de Sueños Cigars: A Tiny Boutique Brand Built Upon Big Dreams

In 2018, five men met at the LG Cigar Club in Los Gatos, California. The reason for their meeting? To create a boutique cigar brand and put their own unique spin on the premium cigar blend biz.

This "Group of Fiveconsisted of a retired US Marine, a former police officer, an agriculture specialist, a Puerto Rican entrepreneur from The Bronx, and the owner of the very cigar lounge where everyone happened to be puffing stogies. A year later, a production deal was struck with a cigar factory in the Dominican Republic called De Los Reyes, thus ushering in the birth of Casa de Sueños Cigars.

Casa de Sueños Cigars

Translated to "House of Dreams" in English, this ultra-bespoke small-scale cigar brand set out on a simple yet commendable mission: To produce the kinds of cigars that each of the company's founders enjoys.

After bumping into one of the founders at the 2024 PCA Trade Show in Las Vegas, we decided to take Don Araki's word and started stocking the following four cigar blends. Each one is exceptionally good in its own regard, it just depends upon what style of stogie you are in the mood for at that particular moment, and if you are brave enough to “Dream Differently."

Casa de Sueños Angelito

Casa de Sueños Angelito

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Heralded as the newest release in the "Dream Line" of Casa de Sueños Cigars, the Angelito is the mildest blend within the quartet on today's list. However, don't judge this blend by its Claro wrapper alone.

This cigar is more than just cream and roasted nuts. It's got a fat drizzle of caramelized sugar running right down the center, along with a toasted cinnamon and graham cracker aftertaste to appease even the most discerning shade-grown cigar snob. 

Casa de Sueños El Soñador

Casa de Sueños El Soñador

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Ratcheting things up a notch, and turning toward the sun-grown side of cigar blending, comes El Soñador, or "The Dreamer.A medium-bodied blend from beginning to end, this is that cigar you reach for at any given opportunity because it pairs with any occasion. Touches of cream, dry roasted and salted almonds, unsweetened milk chocolate, white pepper, cedar, and leather can all be detected.

Casa de Sueños Fantasia

Casa de Sueños Fantasia

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This 92-rated cigar holds the title of the oiliest looking cigar in the Casa de Sueños portfolio. The Fantasia is also the boldest smoke in the company's  "Dream Line" of cigars but keeps things in check when it comes to strength. This results in a Medium+ experience for those who favor darker cigars. And we're not kidding when we say that the flavors within this stick are dark, as black pepper, espresso, and semi-sweet cacao nibs all form the backbone of the blend. 

Casa de Sueños The 5th

Casa de Sueños The 5th

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In 2024 Casa de Sueños celebrated its fifth anniversary, so an anniversary cigar was in order, which is precisely where The Fifth comes into play.

Limited to just 300 boxes, and only available in box-pressed, pigtailed robusto gordo vitola, this commemorative blend is a true beauty to behold and is what first caught our eye at PCA 2024. Sporting an Ecuadorian habano wrapper, a Dominican San Vicente binder, and a filler blend consisting of Dominican piloto cubano tobacco and various other top-secret ingredients, this currently is one of the rarest smokes in the Klaro Cigars portfolio.