The Best Cigar I Smoked at the PCA Show


Hey Everyone,

Michael here. I wanted to introduce you to a new cigar brand I found called Nomos. These guys from NY had a booth next to ours at the PCA (Professional Cigar Association) show in Las Vegas last month and we tried their cigar (along with a ton of other new brands).

For me, it was one of the best cigars I smoked at the show so I wanted to give you all the opportunity to try it at a discounted price.

If you are a Klaro Cigar Club Member, you'll get a Nomos cigar in your August 2022 subscription.

If you aren't (or can't wait until the 20th), but still want to try it, we are bringing you a 5-pack for $49.99.

This is typically a $16 cigar and usually $80 for a 5 pack. This is a 90+ rated cigar brand by Cigar Aficionado, which is pretty rare for such a boutique brand with only one cigar.

Enjoy this quick video review.

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