Perdomo 10th Anniversary Sungrown Super Toro Cigar Review

This tobacco was grown in the sun in Nicaragua, then bourbon barrel aged for 10 months, hand rolled, draw tested and then delivered to you by Perdomo. The Perdomo 10th Anniversary Sungrown Super Toro is a great medium cigar. First, I love the Perdomo brand because of the draw testing, and frankly I'm not sure I've had a bad Perdomo cigar, so I always like digging in.

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Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary Pre lit impressions

Pre-lit this thing is smells pretty much like a nice medium cigar. No special notes or flavors on the pre-lit draw or wrapper.

1st Third

first third Perdomo 10th anniversary sun grown super toro

The first third is a bit spicy. Not overwhelming like a spice bomb or anything, but definitely some definitive spice on the cigar. That flavor pretty much takes over as I'm not really tasting any earthiness or really anything except the spice in the first third.

2nd Third

2nd third 10th anniversary Perdomo super toro

The second third develops rather nicely and the spice calms down a bit into a cinnamon flavor. Still no earthiness (which is a good thing in my book). The draw is fantastic and you get a lot of smoke with this beast (it's a large ring gauge).

Last Third

This thing finishes nicely with some sweetness and continued cinnamon flavor. Great long smoke with a smoking time of at least an hour.

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

The draw on this cigar was great (Perdomo draw tests every cigar). The burn and ash profile was good though the ash was a bit flakey.

Final Thoughts

This Perdomo cigar is a great upgrade from the 10th Anniversary Champagne Connecticut edition, because it offers a bit more spice and a bolder flavor. If you are bored with more milder cigars but don't quite want to upgrade to a dark cigar yet, this is a great transition cigar. Your non-smoking friends won't be disappointed as the draw is great and it's got enough flavor so it doesn't just taste like a boring cigar.

Cigar Stats

Cigar Perdomo 10th Anniversary Sungrown
Wrapper six-year aged Cuban-seed Nicaraguan
Tobacco Binder/Filler Honduran Habano / Nicaragua
Factory Nicaraguan 
Size Super Toro
Strength Medium
Pairing Drink Super Coffee
Rating 4.0/5

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