Oscar Valladares "Super Fly" Review: Big Purple Pimpin' Power

In a world filled with classy-sounding, but utterly overused (and old-school) cigar blend titles, it's refreshing to find some variance within the norm. 

We've already got enough cigars with the word "reserva," "especial," "limitada," and "vintage" already. Give me the fun, in-your-face stogie titles. The ones that make you pause and laugh, or just say WTF?! 

So when I told the founder of Klaro that we needed to start stocking Super Fly by Oscar Valladares, the guy basically looked at me like I had grown a third eyebrow and named him Klaus.

Who in the hell names a cigar Super Fly??? 

Someone with balls, that's who. That and an unrestrained interest in insanely large afros, pimp slaps, chrome Cadillac grilles, and crushed velvet coats. Oh, and really good tobacco from the best farmlands found in Honduras, Nicaragua, and Mexico.

Let me grab my wide-brim Stetson hat, and let's get to it, shall we? 

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Unlit Impressions

Oscar Valladares Super Fly

While the "pimpalicious" grape purple and gold band on this corona is as appropriate as it gets and offers an obvious nod to the classic 1972 flick, it's the wrapper and aromas of the cigar that slapped me around the most.

The Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper is a beauty of a specimen and is as just as smooth looking as it smells.

Speaking of which, anyone else catch those notes of cinnamon and nutmeg from the foot behind all that sweet cedar, leather, and chocolate? How about the taste of grape soda pulled through the unlit end of the cap once it's been cut? Groovy...

Initial Smoke

Oscar Valladares Super Fly

Although the spicy, and super maduro-forward first few puffs are prominent, this blend simmers down rather suddenly. What's left is a full-bodied, sticky sweet, super-sized serving of leathery lushness. 

1st Half

Oscar Valladares Super Fly

Progress further down the barrel, and you will find full-on cedar, cinnamon, clove, and even a splash of cocoa powder pushing the envelope. This is supported by a very round mouthfeel, and an oily sensation that is often associated with Mexican San Andrés maduro tobacco leaf.  

2nd Half

Oscar Valladares Super Fly

A transition toward the dry side of the spectrum happens halfway in, and with it comes a notable increase in aromatics. This cigar smells just as good as it tastes, maybe even better. 

You also might find that there's a molasses-like flavor floating around, which balances out the spiciness of those sun-grown internals. The heart of this cigar is easily the most salivating section, and as the final third approaches, all of that leather-like chewiness turns toward a more refined finish that is both long and likable.

Parting Puffs 

Oscar Valladares Super Fly

Smoke this stogie down to the nub, and you'll be hit with more resin than a bong rip at Cheech Marin's beach bungalow. We're talking Nutella levels of umami without the sodium and all of the sugar. Craving a bit more nicotine to go with all that tasty tobacco? "Super Fly" has that naturally occurring chemical compound by the kilo amigo. Just retrohale at will and away you go...

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

Oscar Valladares Super Fly

Meticulously bunched, blended, and rolled up just right, this corona vitola is a slow-burning beauty of a cigar specimen. The ash is white as can be, and you can forget needing your torch lighter, because that the burn line is going to fix itself every time it starts to waver. Boatloads of smoke and a damn good draw knock this portion of the review out of the park with a perfect score.

Final Thoughts

Oscar Valladares Super Fly

"Super Fly" by Oscar Valladares is not a cigar that's intended for lightweights or lame-ass jive turkeys who can't cut the kimchi when the dice are down. This is real stogie smoking session time here ya'll, and not to be taken lightly. 

It's a blend that's built for after-dinner enjoyment, and its heavily fermented ingredients offer so much complexity and sweetness, that you would swear that there were barrel-aged tobaccos tucked inside. 

So if you're in the mood for some heavy-handed sweet action, and don't want to be puffin' all night, snag up a fiver of these smokes and let us know what you think via a quick review on the Klaro website or in the Klaro Facebook member's club. Ya dig?!

Oscar Valladares Super Fly

Stogie Specs


Oscar Valladares "Super Fly"


San Andrés Maduro (Mexico)




Nicaragua, Dominican Republic & Honduras 




5.25" x 45 Corona



Pairing Drink

Grander Single Barrel Sherry/Bourbon Cask Rum (8 Year)



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