Oliva "Serie G Maduro" Review: A Stubby, Blocky, Affordable Maduro for Any Occasion


Oh how I dearly do enjoy the "Serie G" line from Oliva. Especially when it comes in a stubby, tightly pressed Robusto vitola.

While the high-ranking Cameroon-wrapped version does tend to hog the limelight for the Serie G name, it is the maduro version that we will be reviewing today.

Fear not the dark side, friends. For it is here in the darkness that true flavor awaits...

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Unlit Impressions

Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto

Before I start sounding like a member of some sort of elitist cigar cult (cough, cough), I must mention that this is far from being my first tango with the maduro version of the Oliva Serie G.

This cigar has long been a go-to favorite when a mellow maduro mood is upon me. And it all starts with the cigar's construction...

Crisply box-pressed, the tight feel and look of this robusto makes its oily San Andrés Mexican wrapper pop with appeal. This attraction extends to the nose, where pleasant aromas of cedar, toasted tree nuts, and mocha melodies await.

A smidge rough in texture and appearance, but extremely well constructed and brimming with unlit dry pull earthiness, the Serie G Maduro is the sort of cigar that begs to be chewed on.

Initial Smoke

Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto


Oliva's "Mellow Maduro Mood-Enhancer" offers a gentle first caress. Chewy in texture, but silken in regard to its smoke, light doughy flavors are punctuated by a chocolate-covered espresso bean backing. 

As bits of dry generic wood tannin throw contrast to the whispers of black cherry in the smoke, a more assertive cigar flavor profile begins to form. It's a medium mouthfeel and flavor, and very centered.

Something that only the Oliva farmlands can provide, as the pure Nicaraguan filler begins to move the cigar strength needle from mild to medium.

2nd Half

Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto

Evolution occurs at a leisurely pace with the Serie G Maduro. With the woodsy dryness still standing strong, all of the richer, mocha flavors remain in check. 

Flavorful, but a far cry from strong, the medium-strength, medium-bodied robusto burns on. Sweeter, dark fig-like flavors waft in and out, along with a milky nuttiness. For me, walnut butter always comes to mind at this point, and it is a flavor that never disappoints.  

Parting Puffs 

Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto

After the final third is finished, all that is left of the darker Serie G, is a chewy maduro mouthful. For those who appreciate heavily fermented, sun-grown cigar tobacco, there is little room for disappointment here.

Just a super straightforward earthen finish to a fantastic cigar. 

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto

As someone who has smoked a handful of these sticks over the years, I must attest that flaking tends to be one of the only downsides to the Serie G.

These maduro wrappers are not nearly as tough as they appear, and will damage rather easily, even when being slid from the cellophane. A flakey ash also tends to be a consistent encounter with these box-pressed blends. A slight gripe, but one worth noting nonetheless.

Smoke is a mid-grade production, with a draw that is equally middle of the road. Combustion has rarely been an issue, with any uneven burn issues righting themselves in short form.

Final Thoughts

Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto

In my humble opinion, the Serie G Maduro from Oliva demands to be experienced at least a couple of times to be truly appreciated. 

It is such a subtle, straightforward style of smoke, that many might write it off as being boring at first draw. But there is equilibrium within the simplicity of this cigar blend. 

Dryness becomes balanced by fruity sweetness. Chocolate and coffee bitterness are brought to heel by earthy maduro fermented alchemy. It's all a part of the master blender's master plan. And it's accomplished in a form that only Oliva knows how to achieve.

Cigar Stats


Oliva Serie G Maduro 






Nicaragua (100% sun-grown Cuban seed)


Oliva Cigar Co. (Estelí, Nicaragua)


4.5" x 50 Robusto



Pairing Drink

Strong Guatemalan Coffee




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