Am I less of a man for loving the chocolate and coffee infused Nub Nuance Triple Roast?

So if you've been following my journey looking for a chocolate tasting cigar, you know that I've been smoking anything and everything with chocolate in the tasting notes. This week I decided to try something a little different. A chocolate infused (yes, that means flavored), Nub Nuance Triple Roast 3.75 x 54 ring gauge cigar.

The nub is already a bit different of a cigar, given that they roll the full length cigar and then cut the cigar to the 2nd and last third. Next, they infuse this Triple Roast with coffee and a milk chocolate that leans a little on the darker side.

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The cigar is actually offered in three different flavors, the Single Roast which is on the light and creamy side, the Double Roast which is somewhere in the middle, and finally the Triple Roast, which is what I decided to try. 

One concern when you are smoking an infused cigar is if your manhood is in question. A lot of aficionados poo poo infused cigars as some sort of bastardization of cigar smoking.

I decided to try smoking an infused cigar to see if if I like it, and see if my manliness is somehow reduced. Let's dive in.


pre lit nub nuance triple roast

Pre-lit this cigar smells more like chocolate than any cigar I've ever help. The foot, everything about it is chocolate and coffee. I let my wife smell it since everyone knows women's noses are more powerful (it's like scientific fact man), and her response was "it smells like fake chocolate". Didn't smell very "fake" to me but I was excited to try it.

One thing you notice in the pre-lit stage is its a smaller cigar. Shouldn't be a super long smoke so a great quicker cigar.

2nd Third

2nd third nub nuance triple roast

There really isn't a first third to this cigar since Nub cuts it off at the factory, so we actually start this review in the 2nd third. The first puff is a chocolatey kick in the pants. Pretty amazing. After a few puffs though things start to calm down to a nice smooth darker chocolate and espresso after taste. Actually a bit more mild and toned down than I expected.

Last Third

The last third of this cigar is exactly like the 2nd third, lots of subtle notes of espresso and medium to dark chocolate on the draw and a more noticeable chocolate after taste. The retrohale (that thing where you blow out the remaining smoke through your nose) was great for experiencing more of the flavor profile here.

Because it's infused there wasn't a lot of other notes or surprises, it held true to the chocolate and espresso notes throughout.

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

I quickly gave up on the punch cut. Wasn't enough draw for me. You can try it and if you don't like it you can always switch to the straight cut. After that the draw was perfect, the ash burned really nicely. This part of the cigar was great except for it's small enough to where you get to the heat after 15 minutes or so. 

Final Thoughts

This is a short cigar and frankly I wanted more of it. I didn't want it to end. But alas, I'm not a fan of heat so when it got slightly past the label I put it out. I probably even went a bit farther than I should of because it was so good. I rate this baby a 4.6/5, which I think is one of the highest I've rated a cigar. Testosterone results pending but I still feel pretty manly.

Cigar Stats

Cigar Nub Nuance Triple Roast
Wrapper EMS - Connecticut / Sumatra
Tobacco Binder/Filler Dominican long filler / binder
Factory Nicaragua 
Size 3.75 x 54"
Strength Medium/Full
Pairing Drink Black Tea
Rating 4.6/5

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