Liga Undercrown Shade Connecticut - actual honey, lemon, and orange peel flavor!

Sitting on the patio today, trying out a Liga Undercrown Shade Connecticut. This cigar boasts tasting notes of honey, lemon, orange peel and spice. Sounds about like the most delicious cigar on the planet but in turn promises some very high expectations. Let's see if it delivers.

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Liga Undercrown Shade Connecticut

Pre-lit this thing is nothing special. Looks beautiful but from a smell standpoint, I didn't get much outside of the Connecticut wrapper. Let's go further to see if it delivers.

1st Third

Outside of the bad light job from running out of butane, after about the first 3 or 4 minutes I was able to start tasting the honey, lemon, and orange peel with some spice. It actually surprised me quite a bit because a lot of times they say you are supposed to taste stuff like that, but it never ends up showing up in my testing.

2nd through the Final Third

final third liga undercrown shade

As I smoke this down, I'm consistently blown away by the orange peel, lemon and honey flavors. It's a really complex tasting cigar for a Connecticut, and that's quite an accomplishment.  

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

The draw on this cigar was great. The burn and ash profile was not good however. I had multiple lighters run out of fluid, so for now I'm blaming myself. Remains to be seen whether it was the cigar itself or my poor lighting job. I also think the cigar was a bit over humidified, so I'd say let this one dry out a bit before smoking.

Final Thoughts

Great first cigar of the day or a cigar for a first time smoker. I absolutely want to smoke this again and this is the highest rating I've given a cigar to date. Crossing my fingers that the ash and burn issues were due to humidity and/or poor lighting technique.

Cigar Stats

Cigar Liga Undercrown Shade Connecticut
Wrapper Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade
Tobacco Binder/Filler Dominican / Sumatra
Factory Nicaraguan 
Size Robusto
Strength Mild
Pairing Drink Water
Rating 4.6/5


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