Kentucky Fire Cured Fat Molly - Kentucky grown and hickory smoked

The Kentucky Fire-Cured Fat Molly is the absolute perfect cigar if you want to try something smoked with hickory and oak. It's a bit like an infused cigar which means you're absolutely going to taste the smokiness here. It's tobacco is actually grown in Kentucky and then smoked using a fire-curing process.

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Kentucky fire cured pre-lit

This is one of the strongest pre-lit smells of any cigar I've ever smelled. It's not a great pre-lit smell so it's a really good thing the cigar calms down rather quickly and doesn't taste like the pre-lit version. Give it some time to develop and it gets way better than you'd expect from that pre-lit smell.

1st Third

The overwhelming flavor of the first third is sweetness with a background of oak and cedar smoked flavor. It's really unlike any cigar I've tasted before. 

2nd Third

Kentucky fire cured 2nd third

The second third this cigar the profile switches a bit to where you can taste more of the cedar and oak smoked flavors. The sweetness is still there but it calms down a bit. 

Last Third

Last third Kentucky fire cured fat Molly sweets

The sweetness decreases a bit further on the last third, and the main flavor profile continues to be the the oak and hickory smoked flavors. As you'd expect in an infused cigar, the flavor profile is pretty consistent throughout with not a lot of new flavor being introduced as you smoke deeper into the cigar. 

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

The draw and burn was absolutely perfect. Nice big cloud of smoke like I like it, with no burn corrections.

Final Thoughts

This Kentucky fire-cured cigar is an absolute must-have in your humidor. Really unique flavor profile that's great for both experienced smokers and I think more importantly for newbie. It's always nice to have a collection of great smokes you can give a newbie smoker.

Cigar Stats

Cigar Kentucky Fire cured fat Molly
Wrapper Mexican San Andres
Tobacco Binder/Filler Nicaragua
Factory Nicaraguan 
Size Robusto
Strength Medium
Pairing Drink Water
Rating 4.4/5

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