Esteban Carreras "Cashmere Connecticut" Review: Bold, Boutique & Built to Burn Beautifully

Back once again with another surprise stick, comes yours truly and the Cashmere Connecticut from Esteban Carreras.

This was a cigar that snagged my attention a few weeks back, when after no fewer than a dozen puffs, I thought to myself, "Now here is a Connecticut Shade cigar that is 100% review-worthy."

Not much is known about this blend outside of the fact that its light khaki wrapper is of Ecuadorian stock and that both filler and binder leaf are Nicaraguan. 

However, what is widely known, is that I am a tough judge when it comes to Connecticut Shade premium cigar blends. So when something truly different strikes my fancy, I get to shooting a review shortly thereafter. In this case, that just so happened to be after I wrapped up some mowing on the mountain I own in southern Japan.

I find the Cashmere Connecticut to be a most befitting cigar for a quick cooldown in the shade, or for when you need something light and interesting when sitting by the pool this summer, and it all starts with the smell of cedar and orange marmalade...

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Unlit Impressions 

Esteban Carreras "Cashmere Connecticut" Review

Whoever they have rolling these cigars has it down to a science. Besides a slight pull on one edge of a seam near the band, there isn't an imperfection to be found, with the first cigar smoked being even more immaculate. With a hazy, sandy yellow color and a slight shine to that baby-soft shade wrapper, there's a lot that's right on about the way this blend looks. It's a light, cedar-smelling wrapper too, with a grassy, salt-and-pepper pop to it. 

Take a slice of that crisply fitted, flat triple cap, and there's going to be light cedar, dried hay, and a lot of sweet spicy flavors filling your senses. Orange marmalade and a damp woodiness that stops just short of being earthy are also about, followed by a little pepper spice from that Nicaraguan long-filler.

It's a pity that the dusty, prune-purple color accents on the band fade into the rest of the wrapper the way they do, as this makes it difficult to read from certain angles. Still, it is a nicely textured band, with thick paper and larger proportions.

Initial Smoke 

Esteban Carreras "Cashmere Connecticut" Review

With a cigar flavor profile that edges close to that of eggnog, the milky, nutmeg kick-off to this stick slides you into the mix with ease. Traditional Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade flavors of buttered toast and hay, along with a faint vegetative twinge tease you with touches of leather and lemon balm. 

1st Half   

Esteban Carreras "Cashmere Connecticut" Review

A second serving of salted buttered bread and honey, a saucer of cream, little bits of cedar shavings, and a lovely finish of oak turn this toasty smoke's start into a marvelous endeavor. A light leather aftertaste begins to build, and after a retrohale or two, you will likely find notes of hay, cedar sap, caramelized sugar, and a hefty shake of black pepper.

The burn is cool and clean, with a flawless white ash and a fluid draw stacking additional points in this blend's favor. 

2nd Half    

Esteban Carreras "Cashmere Connecticut" Review

As the second third hits the middle of the cigar, an eggy, caramel flan flavor forms. Some sandalwood flavors form as well, and add depth to the cigar, without adding too much intensity. Along with that milkiness to the smoke, this forms a perfect pairing and a texture that might make some of you imagine such a dessert. 

As the leathery tones increase, out comes a toasted coconut aromatic that tricks your palate into tasting this tropical flavor. An intriguing addition to a point when earthy tastes and black pepper are beginning to exert their dominance. 

Sticky, sweet, and impressively long in its finish and flavor formation, the smoke that you pull from this premium cigar blend takes all of the above and amplifies them. For me, this created a medium-smoking experience and a very impressive one for sure. 

Parting Puffs    

Esteban Carreras "Cashmere Connecticut" Review

Sweeter yet, slightly charred, parting puffs require you to slow down a smidge, for going too quickly will ruin the end of this cigar. There's still a rogue wave of sandalwood to be seen here and there, along with a toasted vanilla flavor that tastes nice as long as char flavors have not grown too intense. 

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw  

Esteban Carreras "Cashmere Connecticut" Review

I wish all cigars could retain an ash and burn line like the one that this blend provides. Crisp, clean, and cool as can be, the construction and burn are worthy of five stars, if not more. The draw is good too, and very linear in its delivery within each section of the stick. Dropped ash is an issue though, with it happening far sooner than expected in a few instances.

Final Thoughts  

Esteban Carreras "Cashmere Connecticut" Review

Deeper than most cigars in the segment, and quite a bit more flavorful and full in body, this Cashmere Connecticut blend crushes its competitors with a single clean stroke.

Esteban Carreras Cigars may not be taking home any awards for packaging, branding, or backstory on this blend, but that's alright. This stogie is still well worth the investment for most cigar smokers. And outside of it not being much of a transitional occurrence, the blend itself is both enjoyable and rich enough to warrant a 5-pack purchase for those hotter summer months. 

Esteban Carreras "Cashmere Connecticut" Review

Flavor, Aroma & Transitions

Depth & Complexity

Construction, Burn & Physical Appeal

Backstory & Branding

Overall Balance & Repeatability

Stogie Specs


Esteban Carreras "Cashmere Connecticut"


Connecticut Shade (Ecuador)







Esteban Carreras (Nicaragua)


6" x 50 "Toro"



Pairing Drink

Cassis & Lime Homemade Soda



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