Diablo Punch Review - the perfect halloween cigar

The Diablo by Punch seemed like a great choice for Halloween, with a dark Sumatra wrapper, a really cool band, and an mocha style flavor profile. This particular vitola (size) is called Scamp, which is basically a Toro. Let's dive in.


Punch Diablo Scamp

Ok so it's a little lit, but pre-lit this thing smells really strong, with a nice "punchy" Sumatra wrapper and you can really smell the mocha/espresso type flavor. Makes me excited to give this cigar a try.

1st Third

Punch Diablo 1st third

The first little bit of this cigar punches you right in the face with a full flavor. Luckily it calms down pretty quick and I can start tasting a really nice mocha, wood and spice. There really is no primary here as the flavors all seem really equally balanced. 

2nd Third

Punch Diablo 2nd third

The second third this cigar actually calms down a ton, with the flavor strength maybe 60% of the first third. The primary flavor becomes the spice, with the wood nearly disappearing and the mocha becoming a background flavor to the spice. Bit of a nice balance and probably a good thing it's not quite as strong as the first third. The first third was nice but I'm not sure I could take a full cigar with that level of strength. 

Last Third

This strength decreases a bit further on the last third, and the main flavor profile continues to be the white pepper and spice. The mocha is still an undertone and I'm going to smoke this thing for as long as I can. I haven't smoked a cigar this strong in some time and by the time I'm getting to the last third here I'm really feeling the nicotine hit me. They don't call this thing "diablo" for nothing. 

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

The draw and burn was absolutely perfect. Nice big cloud of smoke like I like it, with no burn corrections.

Final Thoughts

This Diablo really lives up to it's name, with strong nicotine and strong, bold flavor. The Sumatra wrapper starts off bold and calms down after the first third, with a nice mocha to start and moving towards white pepper throughout the rest of the cigar. Definitely a great smoke for Halloween.

Cigar Stats

Cigar Diablo Punch Scamp
Wrapper Ecuador Sumatra
Tobacco Binder/Filler Honduran/Nicaraguan Ligero/Connecticut Broadleaf
Factory Nicaraguan 
Size Toro
Strength Full
Pairing Drink Water
Rating 4.2/5

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