Alec Bradley Family Blend "The Lineage" Review: Next Gen Communal Cigar

In many ways, the cigar industry is still very much a family affair. Companies where the owners are also the master blenders, farmers, and marketing executives, all while their children apprentice in various aspects of the business.

So when Alan Rubin of Alec Bradley Cigars discovered that his two sons, Alec and Bradley both wanted to follow their father's footsteps and get into the stogie biz, a celebratory cigar had to be blended. There was just one catch: Neither of Alan's boys was old enough to legally smoke at that point. 

And so a blend was formulated to commemorate the boys coming of age, and it was set aside to age. The cigar was called "The Lineage" by Alec Bradley, and being that this smoke was intended to introduce the Rubin boys to the world of cigar smoking, a specific set of parameters had to be set in place for this latest addition to the Alec Bradley line of "Family Blend" cigars.

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Unlit Impressions 

Alec Bradley Family Blend "The Lineage" Review

Pigtail-capped, and classically styled in robusto form, the vitola we sell at Klaro is a clean interpretation of what cigar manufacturing should be. While the large double-banding leaves something to the imagination, the construction of this cigar is outstanding. No soft spots, blemishes, or imperfections anywhere, and one of the best spring-like barrel bounces in the biz when squeezed. 

As for the wrapper, all we know is that it's Honduran, hails from the Trojes growing region and has a lovely hazelnut color. It also smells light and leathery, with a faint sun-grown tobacco sweetness that is subtly grassy. The foot is all nutmeg spice and sweet custard, with a dried tart fruit note akin to candied apricots. Cold draws are all this and then some but with a little bit of earthy tobacco spiciness that leads me to believe that there is some Honduran Corojo leaf stuffed inside.

Initial Smoke 

Alec Bradley Family Blend "The Lineage" Review

Leathery, and locked and loaded with tobacco spice, "The Lineage" is a cigar that clobbers you with machismo at light-up. It's almost like Alan decided that a little hazing was required prior to allowing his boys to enjoy the fruits of their patience. Fortunately, this tough start is just a quick spin on the flavor wheel, and within a minute or two it dies out, leaving you with a light-n-easy medium cigar to smoke.

1st Half   

Alec Bradley Family Blend "The Lineage" Review

Somehow, Alec Bradley's master blenders have found a way to capture those candied apricot and nutmeg notes in the first third of "The Lineage." And while that custard-like aromatic is more of an almond milk taste at this point, it's all still very enjoyably discernable.

The draw may be a little tight at first, but the ash is even, white, and very well-built. It's also a little on the dry-tasting side, with the sensation of putting a full piece of paper on your tongue and then closing your mouth being the best descriptor. I often find myself liking this sensation in a premium cigar blend, as it makes me appreciate my pairing beverage all the more and encourages me to return for another draw after each sip.

2nd Half      

Alec Bradley Family Blend "The Lineage" Review

Sweetness and spice shine in the second half, as does smoke production. With the draw being far more fluid than before, you are given a large amount of smoke from each pull, all in medium-bodied amounts.

Strength is also very medium, and I found little to dislike in this area of the cigar, with the final third returning you to many of those dry, leathery wood accents from the start-up. It's a solid, if slightly unassuming smoke at this point, and well balanced all the way up until it isn't... 

Parting Puffs   

Alec Bradley Family Blend "The Lineage" Review

On both samples that I smoked, I found the transition to the parting puffs section to be the most off-putting. Not due to construction, heat, or burn reasons, but purely because of an odd cardboard flavor. 

Strong enough to be notable, but not overpowering either, this taste throws a wet blanket on things and makes for a strange beginning to the end of this medium blend.

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw 

Alec Bradley Family Blend "The Lineage" Review

A borderline tight draw during the first 15-20 minutes of the stick, and random dropped ash incidents were the only problems I could find in this area of our Klaro rating system. No need for touch-ups with this blend folks. Just a smooth smoking experience from start to finish!

Final Thoughts  

Alec Bradley Family Blend "The Lineage" Review

Since no premium cigar blend is without its flaws, we might as well mention the cons of this blend before revisiting its strengths.

My primary dislikes focus on the restrictive draw during the first half of the cigar, and that unusual, generic cardboard flavor toward the end of the final third. There also were moments where I felt like the notes within the blend could have been more layered, or complex, but instead, Alec Bradley's master blenders opted to hold back to keep things on the lighter end of medium for the Rubin boys.

Even then, this cigar delivers a pleasant first encounter, and I can see how this blend has the ability to appeal to a wide range of palates and preferences. Pretty much anyone outside of the hardcore maduro junkie and full-strength cigar smoker will appreciate Alec Bradley's "The Lineage."

Being first-time cigar smoker friendly, without being too intense, or too boring is what this cigar blend has been all about since day one. And I get the feeling that won't change anytime soon...


Alec Bradley Family Blend "The Lineage" Review

Stogie Specs


Alec Bradley "The Lineage""






Honduras & Nicaragua




5.25" x 52 "Robusto"



Pairing Drink

Yuzu Honey & Pomegranate Soda



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