20 acre farm review - Sweet cream, vanilla, cedar

I've been waiting 6 months to review this 20 acre farm by Drew Estate for you guys. These cigars have been really hard to get as the tobacco is grown on a 20 acre farm in Clermont Florida. I've secured 10 boxes and I'm excited to finally review one of my favorite Connecticut cigars for you guys.

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pre lit 20 acre farm cigar

Pre-lit this thing is smells pretty much like a nice Connecticut cigar. It's hard to pull out any special notes. Real flavor happens when you light it up on this one.

1st Third

1st third 20 acre farm cigar

The first third is a little understated. Definitely notes of cedar and some sweet cream. The best is yet to come...

2nd Third

2nd third 20 acre farm cigar

As I smoke this down, I'm getting a great sweet cream undertones with a nice cedar overtone. Also lots of spice and pepper with a hint of vanilla. I really love these complex Connecticut cigars and it makes me love it that much more knowing some of the tobacco is grown right here In the good 'ol USA.

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

The draw on this cigar was great. The burn and ash profile was flawless. The ash actually got quite long in a couple of instances and I made 0 corrections for the burn.

Final Thoughts

Absolutely loved how complex this cigar was for a mild Connecticut. Would be a good recommendation for a first time cigar smoker. Lots of sweet cream and spice, but not over the top or too much.

Cigar Stats

Cigar 20 acre farm by Drew Estate
Wrapper Connecticut Shade
Tobacco Binder/Filler Honduran Habano / Nicaragua
Factory Nicaraguan 
Size Parejo
Strength Mild
Pairing Drink Water
Rating 4.6/5

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