Cigar Spring Cleaning Explained

The spring season brings with it an undeniable urge to tidy up. 

For us cigar-smoking enthusiasts, that typically translates to straightening up our humidors. 

But there's a bit more to getting a humidor ready for stogie smoking season than just throwing some humidor solution at the situation and calling it a day.

Here are a few top tips for getting that tobacco cabinet of yours in order... 

Step 1: Switch to a Spring/Summer Humidor Solution

If you rely upon a winter solution to keep those gel crystals in your humidor cranking out the humidity in optimum amounts, spring is the time to switch it up for something a splash milder. 

Increased temps and the humidity that comes with warmer weather will eventually cause that hygrometer read out to spike. So skip the soggy stogies and opt for a milder liquid instead.

Step 2: Inspect Those Stogies

The winter months can wreak havoc on cigars. Especially if they are not rotated frequently enough. 

Since you're likely going to remove your hydro tray anyways for a switch over to a milder spring humidor solution, you might as well fully rotate that cache of yours, and give every stick a full inspection. 

Anything that looks or feels a bit dry gets moved nearest to the hydro tray, whereas suppler sticks should either be brought to the top or be prepped for smoking once allowed to dry box for a hot minute

Step 3: Tidy Up That Interior

Like any room that gets used frequently, humidors can get a little messy over time. Once everything has been pulled out, remove any loose tobacco flakes, cellophane scraps, gel crystal runaways, or cedar spill scrap that might be lying around.  

Step 4: Check Those Gel Crystals

Over time, a humidor's gel crystals will eventually begin to diminish in size. If it looks like you're running a little low on these vital humidification instruments, replenish the tray with fresh candidates.

Step 5: When in Doubt... Hydro Stick

Hydro sticks are one of the simplest and most effective forms of bumping humidity in a humidor up in controlled increments. Simply wipe with humidor solution, allow the mixture to absorb, and place the cedar stave in the humidor. Within a day or two your humidity should spike by a degree or two. 

Step 6: Straighten Up That Humidor Accessory Tray

Humidor accessory trays are like that one random drawer in the kitchen where you tend to throw every oddball cooking utensil. This often leads to a bit of a hot mess.

Tidying up this tray and discarding unwanted items won't just make it look nicer, but it will increase your ability to locate that guillotine cutter when you need it in a jiffy.

Step 7: Wipe It Down

Humidors collect dust like nobody's business. So giving that glass top treasure a thorough wipe-down with a plush microfiber cloth will make your guests feel like you actually give a damn about your stogie obsession, and aren't just a poser with a pocket full of cash.

Step 8: Pull Out Some Smokes & Inspect That Travel Humidor

While you're rooting around in that humidor, keep your eyeballs and fingertips primed for stogie selection.

Spring is when most of us prefer to fire up a choice stick or two after a long winter. So if a particular premium cigar blend appears to be in optimum condition for being set ablaze, pop it into that leather travel humidor for immediate use.

Just be sure to make sure that your cutter, lighter, and travel humidity pack are all in prime condition first.