Large Ring Gauge Cigars Explained: Is Fatter Really Better?


Look at the overall history of cigars, and you'll notice that large ring gauge cigars are a more modern creation. 

In fact, it wasn't until the early 2000s, when E.P. Carrillo came out with the La Gloria Cubana Serie R, that cigar manufacturers began to venture beyond 60-ring-gauge territory.

But with the popularity of the even larger La Gloria Cubana Serie R Esteli No. 64 showing little sign of waning, one fat stogie after another emerged upon the market. From 60s and 64s, to 70s, 80s, and even 90s, cigar smokers snatched up stoutly constructed cigars at an alarming rate. And today, large ring gauge cigars continue to control a sizable share of the cigar market.

However, is there a point to smoking a cigar with such a substantial circumference? Or are super-sized stogies just meant to serve as gag gifts for those in search of an "all-natural masculinity-enhancing product?"

▪️ First of all, one must weigh the benefits that are associated with having a fat ass... I mean ash. Cigar ashes not only help insulate the cherry and cause it to burn cooler and more evenly, but they also can assist in maintaining a consistent flavor.

▪️ Those who prefer to smoke outside often find that a larger ring gauge cigar will often perform better on a windy day. Larger cigars will often burn more evenly when exposed to wind gusts, and can even prevent a cigar from heating up too much. Remember, fire feeds on fuel and air, so keeping those breezes at bay is important.

    ▪️ Finally, there is the topic of taste. Last we checked, larger ring gauge cigars tend to have in spades. There's just more tobacco to be had, both in regard to the binder and filler, as well as the wrapper. So allowing all of those flavors to combust for a longer time in larger amounts only enhances the smoking experience.

    Large Ring Gauge Cigar

    So if you happen to be in the market for a large ring gauge cigar, or have yet to try one on for size and are in search of a little direction, check out a few of the fatty options we offer here at Klaro Cigars.

    We get the feeling that you'll enjoy smoking off the fat of the land...


    CLE Connecticut "460"

    PDR "1878 Natural Double Magnum"

    Cohiba "Connecticut Gigante"



    JFR "Lunatic Habano"

    Perdomo "Sun Grown 10th Anniversary Super Toro"

    PDR "1878 Sungrown Toro Gordo"



    La Gloria Cubana "Serie R Esteli Maduro No. 64"

    My Father "Flor De Las Antillas Toro Grande"

    CAO "Flathead V660 Carb"