3 Minute Deep Dive: How to Prep Your Cigar Humidor for Autumn

With the days growing shorter, and the nights becoming crisp, it finally starts to feel like prime stogie smoking season once more.

But with the shift from summer to autumn comes the need for a little humidor upkeep and cigar storage care.

Nothing major. Just a few basic humidor maintenance requirements, and a little more care in how you prep your cigars for smoking.

1. Rotate Regularly

Rotating your cigars will help stifle any sudden shifts in humidity and/or temperature. The season's shift toward cooler, dryer weather makes this routine even more crucial. Just be sure to keep your favorite fall blends toward the top if possible to prevent having to keep the humidor open too long.

2. Start Dry Boxing Sooner 

Being that autumn weather can be a bit dry, it is best to start dry boxing cigars a little sooner than in the humid months of summer. This will help guarantee that your cigars are in optimum condition prior to being lit. 

3. Reseason as Necessary

Wiping down the interior of your Spanish cedar-lined humidor is a smart move when heading into colder months. Just remove all of the humidor's contents, dampen a lint-free microfiber cloth with humidor solution, and hit all of those interior surfaces. Be sure to pay close attention to the coping around the lid, as that will expand with humidity, helping make for a tighter seal.

4. Tidy Up

Leftover tobacco remnants, old cigar bands, and cellophane, as well as any erroneous gear you don't use anymore should be removed from your humidor. This will not only make the contents of the humidor look more appealing, but a quick declutter can make it far easier to allocate the tools you need for that next smoking experience.

5. Switch to a Winter Solution

If you live in a humid region of the world, this step may not be necessary until later in the year. Just keep a close eye on that hygrometer, and inspect those stogies regularly. A switch to Klaro's Winter Humidor Solution will remedy any drops in humidity, but if used too soon it can cause you to over-humidify that cigar storage box.


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