Deep Dive: 5 Stupid Cigar Storage Myths Exposed

May they have been taken out of context, been true at one point but are no longer deemed relevant, or just flat-out false, the cesspool of silly cigar suggestions swirling about the internet is flabbergasting.

Take cigar storage for instance.

All too often, we'll hear the tale of some poor noob who took the advice from a forum monkey, or a seasoned cigar smoker, only to be left with little more than the feeling of shame and a bunch of ruined stogies to their name.

From stuffing your smokes in the fridge to keep them fresh, or adding an apple or a damp paper towel to a baggy to keep your smokes from drying out, stupid ideas abound. 

But these myths transcend boneheaded beginner mistakes, as you hear things like: "All humidors are made the same." 

You'll also hear these people claiming things like: "Digital hygrometers aren't any more accurate than analog units." 

Man, talk about a bunch of B.S. Ugh...

Like automobiles, humidors, and the gear that they rely upon to function properly come in a broad array of trim levels. And while some are better than others, there is always room for improvement. 

This is precisely why we have engineered every humidor in the Klaro portfolio from the ground up to meet the highest standards imaginable. 

For more on what sets us apart from the pack, be sure to check out our in-depth dive entitled "What Makes A Humidor? Behind-The-Scenes With Klaro Humidors" to learn about our R&D process.


Klaro Military Black Humidor