6 Small Cigars to Soothe Those Frigid Winter Blues

If you were to take a poll, inquiring about seasonal preferences, chances are you would find that winter tends to retain its spot at the bottom as least favorite season.

This is especially true for those of us who are forced to smoke outdoors or in our garages. As we attempt to avoid frostbite at all costs, many of us will skip the Churchill and Gordo vitolas in favor of smaller cigars with the exact same blend but far briefer burn times. 

Here at Klaro, we fully understand the risks and discomforts associated with smoking outdoors in winter. It's one of those, "Been there, done that... yup. This still sucks." unspoken sort of scenarios. This is precisely why we stock so many robusto forms of our favorite blends, along with coronas and petit corona vitolas when possible.

So together, let's say "Hell naw!"  to hypothermia, and scope out the following six sticks instead. Each one of the following premium cigar blends delivers loads of flavor and performance at just a fraction of the smoking time of larger vitolas. 

1. Crux Epicure


 Crux Epicure

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Brand-spanking-new to the Klaro portfolio comes the Epicure Connecticut from Crux Cigars. A marshmallow and sugar cookie milk tea bomb packed into a slender 5-inch barrel, with a sleek 50 ring-gauge. A must-try for fans of mild and milky cigar smoke. 

2. CLE Connecticut

 CLE Connecticut

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Short and stubby, this fat little 4" x 54 stick stocks everything from nut brittle and Nilla Wafers, to shortbread cake and a milk tea aftertaste into its soft, Connecticut-wrapped body. An ideal cigar for those who prefer a fluid draw and the taste of almonds and layer cake.

 3. Drew Estate Deadwood Leather Rose


 Drew Estate Deadwood Leather Rose

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Pipe tobacco aromatics and a sweetened tip turn this mocha-like, leathery little maduro into a magnificent smoking oddity. Rich and robust, yet still somehow very much medium, this 4-inch long, 43-gauged petit corona is an aromatic masterpiece and remains one of the better after-dinner smokes out there.

4. Plasencia Reserva Original

 Plasencia Reserva Original

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Measuring 4¾" inches long, with a squat 52 ring-gauge, the short robusto version of the world's only 100% organic premium cigar blend is a great choice for when you can only stand to be outdoors for an hour or so. Woodsy, creamy, and extremely clean, this cigar has quickly become one of our hottest sellers here at Klaro.

 5. Black Works Studio Killer Bee


 Black Works Studio Killer Bee

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Corona-sized at 4½" x 46, this two-tone oddity from Black Works Studio strikes a smooth yet oddly herbal balance between light and dark. On one end it is undeniably all maduro, with rich mocha notes and deep earthen undertones. But it also delivers hints of coriander and other exotic cooking spices to help lighten the load. An unexpected construction champ, this blend's ash will stand up to even the wildest winter winds.

6. Oscar Valladares Super Fly

 Oscar Valladares Super Fly

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Heavy after-dinner digestion options deserve dark chocolate indulgences and rich molasses. Both of which this blend has in spades, along with lots of cedar, cinnamon, clove, and a bevy of other mixed baking spices. Measuring a full 5¼" in length, with a slim 45 circumference, this smaller vitola is the way to go in winter, especially since this oily maduro is such a slow burner.