5 Medium-Strength Cigars to Buy This Summer

Online articles about what to do this summer, and ways in which one can enhance their summer vacation shenanigans are hotter than the hinges of Hades’ belt buckle right now. 

It seems like everywhere you turn, and every news feed you open, there’s some yahoo yammering on about why this summer is your chance to make the most of all that life has to offer. 

But that’s alright with us. Hell, isn’t that why you are here? To be informed about the many potential buying options at your disposal?

Formalities out of the way, please allow us to introduce you to five fantastic medium-bodied premium cigar blends offered by Klaro Cigars, all of which are summertime approved and ready to rock. 

That said, today’s rundown is far more of a cut and puff sort of situation, and believe us when we say that it’s got a little bit of everything in it for everyone. And don’t worry, there are a few stogies in here that meddle with the mild side or fool around with the notion of offering a full cigar body. So read up, and let’s get to puffin’ on some premium long-filler tobacco!

#1 Sancho Panza Dulcinea

Sancho Panza is one of those unsung heroes of the cigar world. The unassuming-looking, non-Cuban offshoot bearing the Sancho Panza name may be solely a General Cigar Co. operation, but it’s a damn good one at that. 

Modest both in its packaging and appearance, Sancho Panza’s box-pressed torpedo Dulcinea is a brilliant piece of Honduran box-pressed tobacco blending. The perfect premium cigar blend for those looking for a medium-bodied summertime smoke, and who like the idea of a somewhat rare shape, or vitola.

Sporting a snazzy Connecticut Shade leaf cigar wrapper, which is supported by its brawny Connecticut Broadleaf binder big brother, the Colorado-colored wrapper offers a toasty cigar flavor profile of earth, tobacco, sweet cedar, and leather.

Next time you see one of these crisp, sharply pointed torpedos down at the local walk-in humidor, do yourself a favor and snag a stick or two. That, or just have them delivered to your doorstep in your monthly Klaro Cigars subscription

Stogie Quick Stats: 

BRAND: Sancho Panza

FILLER: Dominican Republic/Honduras/Nicaragua

WRAPPER: Connecticut Shade

SIZE: Torpedo

BINDER: Connecticut Broadleaf

ORIGIN: Honduras


LENGTH: 6.125"


Tobacco Nerd Note: According to Encyclopedia Britannica, Dulcinea is short for Dulcinea del Toboso, a fictional character in the two-part novel “Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes. In the story, a Spanish peasant girl is renamed Dulcinea by the wild knight, who sets his heart on winning her love. Today, the term Dulcinea is used loosely as a descriptor for a mistress or a sweetheart.

#2 Espinosa Laranja Reserva Corona Gorda

Master blender Erik Espinosa knows a thing or two about tobacco. Take his brilliantly balanced 

Espinosa Laranja Reserva Corona Gorda for instance. A medium-bodied premium cigar blend bursting with notes of Spanish cedar, walnuts, toasted caramel, and a creamy touch that likes to linger on the palate.

As the story goes, Erik Espinoza decided to build this particular cigar after encountering Brazilian Laranja tobacco many years ago. Flavorful but not overly intense, this richly hued cigar wrapper comes hand-rolled around its Nicaraguan binder and filler via a deal Espinosa struck with none other than AJ Fernandez

As for the name of the cigar itself, the word “Laranja” is Portuguese for "orange,” which is most appropriate due to the unique, ruddy orangish hue this obscure Brazilian cigar wrapper boasts and its banding.

Stogie Quick Stats: 

BRAND: Espinosa

FILLER: Nicaragua

WRAPPER: Brazilian Laranja

SIZE: Lancero

BINDER: Nicaragua

ORIGIN: Nicaragua


LENGTH: 5.63"


#3 Arturo Fuente Hemingway Natural Work of Art

With its tightly tapered foot, bulging barrel, and immaculate construction toward the shoulder and cap, Hemingway Natural Work of Art from Arturo Fuente is one perfect perfecto for medium-strength cigar smokers. It may take a set to get going, but cigar types such as these excel in aiding even combustion and burn rates. 

Expect a cigar flavor profile field with oaky tannins, leather, and bold cafe au lait to emerge as you puff, with hints of nutty, spiced fruit emanating from this smoke’s Cameroon cigar wrapper. 

This cigar’s unique shape makes it a bit of a chore to hand-roll as well, thus limiting Arturo Fuente’s production of this line of cigar types to just around 75 cigars per vitola per day.

Tobacco Nerd Note: The legacy cigar brand known as Arturo Fuente first began to tinker with oddly shaped perfecto cigars after encountering some long-neglected cigar molds bearing the shape. After much trial and error, the cigar manufacturer was able to launch its first line of Hemingways in 1983, with the “Work of Art” vitola seen here coming a bit later.

Stogie Quick Stats: 

BRAND: Arturo Fuente

FILLER: Dominican Republic

WRAPPER: Cameroon

SIZE: Perfecto

BINDER: Dominican Republic

ORIGIN: Dominican Republic


LENGTH: 4.88"

|STRENGTH: Medium/Full

#4 Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto


The Robusto Serie G Maduro from Oliva offers a rich, yet consistently medium-strength finish. Flavors are of roasted marshmallow char and mocha, but without all of the potency that you get with certain stronger maduro cigars due to the dark Mexican cigar wrapper receiving additional fermentation action.

The Robusto variant of Oliva’s Serie G Maduro is an outstanding little cigar type for summer, as its 35-45 minute burn won’t keep you in the heat for too long. This dark mahogany-colored box-pressed beauty features a clean draw and a very distinctive espresso aroma. 

Forever striving to live up to its pledge of creating balance in cigar flavor profile and strength, the medium-bodied Nicaraguan maduro cigar wrapper pairs seamlessly with its Nicaraguan Habano filler, and earthy Indonesian binder to create one fantastic after-dinner cigar.

Stogie Quick Stats: 

BRAND: Oliva

FILLER: Nicaragua


SIZE: Robusto

BINDER: Indonesia

ORIGIN: Nicaragua


LENGTH: 4.5"


#5 Foundation Cigars Charter Oak Broadleaf Lonsdale


As one of the more recognized names in the boutique cigar manufacturing game, Foundation Cigars has strived tirelessly to bring one badass long-filler premium cigar blend after another to market. Take the Charter Oak Broadleaf Lonsdale for instance. A more balanced and beautifully constructed medium cigar body is hard to imagine, especially if you are in the mood for a cigar type with vibrant flavors.

While it may come packed with potent Nicaraguan filler tobacco, the oily Connecticut Broadleaf cigar wrapper draped around this particular Charter Oak option mellows out all that intensity beautifully. This allows subtler notes of honey, baking chocolate, oriental spice, and dried cedar to evolve as this delicious medium-bodied Lonsdale cigar burns.

Stogie Quick Stats: 

BRAND: Foundation Cigar Company

FILLER: Nicaragua

WRAPPER: Connecticut Broadleaf

SIZE: Lonsdale

BINDER: Habano Nicaragua

ORIGIN: Nicaragua


LENGTH: 6.25"


Parting Puffs

Summer temperatures may make you want to grab a mild-bodied cigar from that bespoke humidor on the coffee table, but that doesn't mean you are making the right decision. 

There are plenty of medium cigar body options out there that can offer your palate plenty of sweet action, without kicking its ass in the process. 

Cigars that taste so delicious, that you’ll tell tales of “The Summer of Smoke” for decades to come. Stories that will more than likely be accompanied by the retelling of the time your neighbor set his toupe on fire while attempting to flip burgers and you somehow both ended up on the local news. 

On second thought, maybe we should save that significantly more acrid smokey saga for another time…