5 Full-Bodied Cigars That Are Perfect for Summer

When one thinks of summer refreshments, a full-bodied cigar is probably not at the top of the list of considerations. 

Sweating profusely while puffing on a wadded-up clump of nicotine-rich cigar tobacco sounds like a recipe for disaster to most people, and for inexperienced cigar smokers, it very well can make for a horrid experience.

However, that’s not to say that there aren’t a plethora of full-strength cigars out there that pair beautifully with warmer weather. 

Remember, almost all of the world’s best cigar tobacco hails from South and Central America, as well as a select few islands in the Caribbean. The master blenders who select these premium cigar blends know full well the imposing elements that summer heat and humidity play in the cigar smoking experience. Hell, they work in it every day!

With that in mind, we have selected the following five full-bodied cigars for your summer smoking pleasure. All of which feature a flavor and cigar body that is intended to be cut and torch-lit when the sun begins to set and the barbecue plates have been cleared from the table. 

That, or just have them delivered to your doorstep in your monthly Klaro Cigars subscription or via a 5-pack order, and puff away at your leisure. 

#1 Oliva Serie V Melanio Double Toro


The Oliva Serie V Melanio Double Toro comes in a toothy 60-ring gauge and features one of the more balanced approaches to full-strength cigar smoking we have ever encountered. With copious amounts of pepper, roasted coffee, vanilla bean, and toasted cedar, it’s easy to see why this plump toro garnered a 94-point rating from Cigar Aficionado and continues to receive rave reviews from cigar smokers and tobacco experts alike. 

Constructed entirely from Nicaraguan filler and binder tobaccos hailing from Oliva’s sprawling farmland, every Serie V Melanio sports a Sumatra-seed cigar wrapper that was cultivated in Ecuador, and constructed at the cigar brand’s Nicaraguan factory post-fermentation. 

This premium cigar blend hails straight from the heart of Nicaragua’s Jalapa region, making the Oliva V Melanio a strong cigar type that does not compromise in regard to smoothness in the cigar flavor profile department.

Stogie Quick Stats 

BRAND: Oliva

FILLER: Jalapa Nicaragua

WRAPPER: Ecuador Sumatra

SIZE: Parejo

BINDER: Nicaragua

ORIGIN: Nicaragua



STRENGTH: Medium/Full

#2 Illusione MKUltra Petit Corona


The MKUltra Petit Corona from Illusione is a top-rated boutique cigar blend that relies upon a proprietary concoction of Nicaraguan tobaccos and a heavily fermented red leaf Corojo cigar wrapper for its cigar body. The result is a potent concoction of spice and earthy cocoa, punctuated by plenty of pepper and dark fruit undertones. 

Although Illusione’s MKUltra Petit Corona may be slight in stature, its slow burn rate and crisp construction make this particular cigar type at least an hour long endeavor. This significantly enhances the cigar flavor profile, while keeping the stout smoke from growing too strong. Without question one of the more unique medium-full strength premium cigar blends within the Klaro Cigars portfolio.

Stogie Quick Stats

BRAND: Illusione

FILLER: Nicaraguan


SIZE: Petit Corona

BINDER: Nicaraguan

ORIGIN: Honduras

GAUGE: 42 

LENGTH: 5.125

STRENGTH: Medium/Full

#3 Rocky Patel Edge Missile Corojo

Heavily fermented vintage tobaccos consisting of a Habano Corojo leaf have made this version of Rocky Patel’s “The Edge” a sensational success. Bold but not harsh, this premium cigar blend is brimming with familiar tastes, with oaky tannins, caramelized maple sugar, and a pop of black pepper punctuating the cigar flavor profile. 

Oily in appearance, but ultra clean upon the palate, The Edge Corojo is a strong cigar type that requires a little bit of courage due to its imposing appearance, but surprises in its silky smooth smoking experience. Constructed with a clean cut in mind, the torpedo version is of particular interest, as the level of the draw can help determine smoking intensity.

Stogie Quick Stats 

BRAND: Rocky Patel

FILLER: Honduras

WRAPPER: Habano Corojo

SIZE: Toro

BINDER: Nicaragua

ORIGIN: Honduras



STRENGTH: Medium/Full

#4 Caldwell Long Live The King Short Churchill


Caldwell Cigar Company has an extremely straightforward mantra: “To create special cigars using well-aged rare tobaccos and to enjoy the hell out of every step of the process.”

Take Caldwell’s Long Live The King Short Churchill for instance. This cigar takes boutique cigar production methods, and infuses notes of oak, chocolate, white pepper, and java beans into the stocky stogie. It’s a strong, yet pleasantly sweet cigar, where layers of complexity demand to be analyzed.

Known for its dedication to obscure tobacco varietals, Caldwell packs its Dominican Corojo cigar wrapper Churchills with a potent blend of Peruvian Pelo de Oro long-filler, and Nicaraguan Habano Ligero leaves from the upper primings of the tobacco plant. Adding even more intensity to the raging olfactory maelstrom, is a secondary layer of Dominican Corojo tobacco leaves, which serve as the binder for the cigar.

Stogie Quick Stats

BRAND: Caldwell

FILLER: Nicaragua/Peru

WRAPPER: Dominican Corojo

SIZE: Parejo

BINDER: Dominican Corojo

ORIGIN: Dominican Republic




#5 H Upmann AJ Fernandez Churchill

This collaborative project between Altadis USA H Upmann Churchill by AJ Fernandez takes an Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper and then loads it with complex layers of Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers, all bound tightly by AJ’s own proprietary Corojo ‘99 binder. Baking spices, cocoa, roasted cashew, leather, cedar, toasted oak, and a fig-like cigar flavor profile are all there and then some with this one.

While there is a distinct nicotine smack to this smoke that makes it a bit of a heavy hitter, a good bit of the potency within this reiteration of the iconic H. Upmann line stems from its size. A Churchill cigar is a fairly lengthy smoke, and as all of those resins, oils, and tobacco juices combust and heat, they form a potent cocktail that is just as flavorful as it is full-bodied.

Stogie Quick Stats 

BRAND: H. Upmann

FILLER: Dominican Republic/Nicaragua

WRAPPER: Ecuador (Sumatran)

SIZE: Churchill

BINDER: Nicaragua

ORIGIN: Nicaragua



STRENGTH: Medium-Full

Parting Puffs

Just because the mercury has ascended to the point where automotive paint begins to peel, doesn’t mean you have to forgo puffing on a potent stogie. 

Full-bodied cigars can be enjoyed any time of the year. You just have to be mindful of a few things when firing up a strong cigar type in summer, with the following being the most prominent. 

  • Stay hydrated. This includes, prior to, during, and after smoking a cigar.
  • Know your limits and know when to say “when.” This applies to both strong cigars and alcohol, as they typically tend to accompany one another. It’s better to not finish a cocktail or a stogie than to discover that the room is spinning an hour later.
  • Never puff on a premium cigar blend on an empty stomach, especially when it’s a bazillion degrees out.
  • When in doubt, start with some milder summer cigar options and work your way up from there to a medium summer cigar. Then, if you feel ready for a full-strength smoke, give one of the aforementioned cigars a shot. No sense in jumping into the deep end until you have splashed around a bit first.