5 Brilliant BBQ Cigars Built for Fall Weather

For many of us outdoor enthusiasts and backyard warriors, the ushering in of cooler autumn weather brings with it an insatiable urge to fire up the grill and get to smoking.

Meats... Cigars... Scotch whiskies... There's smoke in the air everywhere, and it all seems to go to together so nicely, doesn't it? 

To emphasize this fact, I took the time the other day, and put together a list of the five best "lighter barbeque cigars" that I smoked this year.

Just a few exemplary options of what I feel are cigars that would complement a quick grilling session, or even an extended smoke-out. For I feel that everybody should have at least one BBQ blend on hand at all times. For you never know when the need to fire up that offset smoker is going to strike... 

1. La Palina "White Label"

La Palina White Label

The "White Label" by La Palina is without a doubt one of smoothest, tastiest shade-grown Connecticut cigars we offer here at Klaro Cigars. Buttery, honey-like, and delightful at every section, this is a fantastic barbeque cigar for those in search of something on the milder side. Check out our full review of the La Palina "White Label" for a more in-depth look at this superb specimen.

2. Rojas "Breakfast Tacos Connecticut"

Rojas Breakfast Tacos Connecticut Salomon

While I have yet to film a review of this blend, I can attest that the sample that I smoked at the 2023 PCA Trade Show was borderline brilliant. Salted potato chips, doughy buttermilk biscuit notes, and a slow burn are all built into a stick that is crafted for sub-sixty minute smoke sessions. A must-have cigar for when you are grilling something up in a jiffy out back and don't want to fire-up more than you can chew.

3. Kristoff "Sumatra"

Kristoff "Sumatra"

Spiced herb tea tastes, sweet undertones, and a medium strength level made our review of the Kristoff "Sumatra" stand out as one of my favorite outdoor cigars of the year. This "Matador" vitola is a pretty big stick too, making it perfect for when you're looking for a blend to pair with some low-n-slow offset smoking sessions.  

4. PDR "1878 Capa Sun-Grown"

PDR "1878 Sungrown"

Pigtailed and broadly built, this 60 ring-gauged beast is a beauty to behold, and even better to taste! Sweet when it needs to be, salty and meaty at other times, and slow-burning as all hell, our review of the PDR "1878 Capa Sun-Grown" labels it as an excellent option for anyone in need of a girthy grilling companion. 

5. Warped "Futuro 109"

Warped "Futuro 109"

This 100% Nicaraguan puro is a belicoso that burns slow and provides a breathtaking amount of flavor. This is primarily due to its milder, shade-grown Corojo wrapper and Criollo blended internals. A Medium+ blend throughout, we found this stogie built potency evenly in regard to both spice and strength. Giving us just cause to give the "Futuro 109" a stellar review, and earning it a place as one of the best corojo cigars money can buy.