3 Minute Deep Dive: Top 5 Cigar Lighting Options Explained

Looking to fire up that fat wad of tobacco leaf in your hand, but are a bit unsure as to which methodology will produce the best results. 

Well, fear not intrepid stogie smoker! For today we shall cover the top five ways to light a cigar and illuminate the pros and cons of each of these incendiary devices. 

Let's get to it, shall we...

Option #1 The Match

Call it antiquated, but lighting a cigar with a match definitely gets the job done. Just be sure that you select a match that does not contain sulfur, and is on the longer end. That said, regular matches will work in a pinch, you just have to wait for the sulfur to burn off upon ignition, and may need to go through a few sticks before the entire foot is set ablaze.

Option #2 The Cedar Spill

Long lauded as the preferred form of lighting a cigar, but now an all but forgotten methodology, the cedar spill continues to produce quite the theatrical incendiary show.

While it may be one of the more unique options to reach for when it comes time to light a cigar, these wafer-thing strips of Spanish cedar do serve a practical purpose. They are 100% devoid of lighter fumes and match sulfur. Just be careful when lighting a cigar with a cedar spill, for the act itself does take some practice and can be a bit messy.

Option #3 The Flame Lighter

While we try to discourage people from using disposable lighters for lighting cigars, we also understand that certain situations leave zero alternatives. 

So if a cedar spill isn't handy, and you must use a cheapy lighter, be sure to keep the flame itself well below the cigar foot. This will reduce the risk of the cigar getting overheated, or absorbing too many unrefined fumes. 

Option #4 The Zippo

Having a windproof lighting solution is never a bad idea when smoking outdoors. Furthermore, some people swear that a Zippo lighter's fumes will not damage the taste of a cigar.

However, others can't abide by the thought of a Zippo coming anywhere near a stogie. 

Here at Klaro, we tend to steer clear of Zippo lighters, at least when it comes to firing up the feet of our cigars. Not only are the fumes from wick lighters quite notable in lighter/milder cigars, but that larger flame can royally char a cigar wrapper if you aren't careful.

Option #5 The Torch Lighter

Widely revered as the pinnacle of cigar lighting technology, modern torch lighters are used more than any other option on this list. 

Note that while a triple-jet torch will set that foot afire in no time, its larger "footprint" can cause you to accidentally overcook the tobacco. This is why it's important to not stick the foot of the cigar directly into the flame, but just above it. Be sure to keep an eye on those fluid levels too, especially when more than one jet is being utilized. 

Finally, be sure to always refill with high-grade butane, or you may run the risk of soiling your cigar, or worse yet, ruining your torch lighter entirely.