3 Minute Deep Dive: 5 of the Best Mild Cigars for Spring

Screw the pollen allergies and the picnic basket. Spring is good for one thing in our book, and that's smoking a stogie outdoors without freezing or sweating to death.

Perhaps it is the budding trees or the sweet smell of reawakened grass underfoot, but the season also brings with it an acute interest in more delicate cigar flavors.

Which is precisely why every year we will begin to put our personalized list of the "5 Best Spring Cigars to Smoke."

We'll supply the stogie suggestions, you pack the antihistamine...

Spring Cigar Option #1

Drew Estate "20 Acre Farm"

20 Acre Farm

Underneath this cigar's milky Ecuadorian shade-gown Connecticut wrapper, rests a flavorful Nicaraguan binder, and a filler that utilizes Florida-grown tobacco. Citrusy, vanilla-like, and accented with mellow spice notes, this is one of the smoothest mild cigars you will ever encounter.

Spring Cigar Option #2

C.L.E. Connecticut "460"


Stubby, with a rotund 60 ring-gauge, this doughy smoke from Honduras is one of the most enjoyable mild cigars we have encountered to date. Nutty, creamy, and balanced by earthy baking spice flavors toward the halfway mark, this is a smoke that we here at Klaro Cigars try to keep on hand at all times. Both to hand out to friends, but to smoke as well, for it really is that good.

Spring Cigar Option #3

C.A.O. "Moontrance"


Cloaked in a clean Cameroon cigar wrapper, and loaded with Dominican and Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco, Moontrance by C.A.O. is a long-filler-infused cigar that you will want to smoke again and again. Its specialized, all-natural infusion flavors start with bourbon vanilla and are finished with peaches. The ultimate flavored cigar for any season, but one that we find to be especially tasty in spring.

Spring Cigar Option #4

Ashton "Classic"

Ashton Classic

This cigar is called the "Classic" for damn good reason. From its Connecticut shade-grown wrapper and meticulous construction to its all-Dominican filler and binder, there is little to dislike about the Ashton original. It's one of those mild cigars that you can confidently reach for and know that it will deliver the goods every time. Especially in spring when a cigar that is both light and refreshing is in order...

Spring Cigar Option #5

My Father Cigars "Connecticut"

100% Nicaraguan on the inside, but Ecuadorian shade-grown on the outside, this velvety offering from my Father Cigars is about as clean as it comes. Tangy, earthy, and just a hint sweet, this smoke is ideal for spring weather and provides a mild smoking experience with plenty of backbone.