5 Sinisterly Satisfying Cigar Blends Built for Halloween

Halloween is one of those holidays that appeals to both kids and adults alike. 

Kids love it because they get to dress up as their favorite mythical creature, superhero, or fictional character and score insane amounts of high fructose corn syrup.

For us adults, we dig Halloween because it really isn't a holiday, so there isn't any gift shopping involved or the stress associated with having to host a slew of politically charged in-laws with bad breath.

Instead, we sit around the campfire, sipping adult beverages and puffing stogies while chatting with friends and neighbors, as the kids enhance their ADHD with gratuitous amounts of sugar. 

But instead of firing up any old stick this Halloween, why not opt for a premium cigar blend that is tailor-made with this holiday in mind? Something with a cigar band that screams "HALLOWEEN PARTY CIGAR" and comes loaded with a list of aged ingredients that are ideal for pairing with your favorite premium adult beverage. 

Here at Klaro, we genuinely enjoy Halloween. This is why we have whipped up this list of "Sinisterly Scrumptious Halloween Cigars" for you to sink your fangs into via either a mixed 5-pack or individual 5-packs.





1. Dapper "La Madrina Shade" 


Dapper "La Madrina Shade" Cigar

Nothing screams haunted like a skeleton hand holding a rose. But beyond this brilliant cigar band lies a flavorful premium cigar blend all cloaked in an Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapped.

Flavors of exotic spices mix with a floral, citrusy note, as cedar shavings and cream close things out. A balanced smoking experience that is somewhere in the middle. Check out our review of this skeletal-handed cigar here.

2. Blackbird "Crow" 


Blackbird "Crow"

With flavor notes of spice, espresso, wet oak, hay, earthy grain, and undertones of cocoa, cream, and tobacco sweetness, The Crow is a well-made medium-strength cigar.

This cigar was made by master roller Jonas Santana and is expertly hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic. The Crow's Dominican binder conceals excellent Nicaraguan and Pennsylvania fillers, which are kept inside its dark, sweet Mexican San Andres maduro wrapper. 

3. Punch "Diablo"


Punch "Diablo" Cigar

Produced by AJ Fernandez, this dark Sumatran cigar comes loaded with flavor and evil attitude. After scoring a 93-rating, this full-bodied smoke landed on Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars of 2019, and a place as one of the best Sumatran cigars of all time. Definitely one of those heavy-handed smokes blended for those who prefer the dark.

"The cigar isn’t just an excessive display of power for power’s sake alone. The strength is justified because it serves as a vehicle to deliver levels of richness that no Punch has ever achieved. Each puff of the El Diablo Scamp is like biting into a dense piece of chocolate fudge studded with espresso beans and walnuts."—Cigar Aficionado 

4. Rojas "Street Tacos Barbacoa"


Rojas "Street Tacos Barbacoa" Cigar

On the lighter, more whimsical side of Sumatra, comes "Street Tacos Barbacoa" by Rojas Cigars. Lightly spiced, salty, and medium in every regard, this is a great middle-of-the-road sort of cigar for Halloween.

Factor in that bright, pumpkin orange cigar band with its Día de Muertos skeleton, and you've got the perfect affordable 5-pack for handing out to adult-sized trick-or-treaters. 

For more on this particular blend, be sure to check out our review of Rojas Cigars' "Street Tacos Barbacoa" and let us know what you think in the comments section. 

5. Asylum "Nyctophilia"


Asylum Nyctophilia Cigar

Lastly, there is a cigar with not only one but two Halloween-appropriate names. While images of the "looney bin" may come to mind when you hear the word Asylum, "Nyctophilia" probably raises more eyebrows and question marks than mental images. 

Nyctophilia is a medical term that refers to a "liking of the night and darkness." This term is designed to define the blend's tobacco, which is made entirely of heavily fermented maduro leaf. If you are looking for a full-bodied blend, this handmade blend from Honduras is a must-try.

All Nicaraguan internals and an opaque San Andres wrapper deliver all of the coffee, chocolate, and dark dried fruit flavors you can imagine. Oh, and let's not forget that badass cigar band, with its sinister skull staring at you with its hollow, darkened eyes... 




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