Klaro Members September COTM Exclusive: Lovely Elegante X2 | Ain't She Lovely

Here at Klaro, we like to support small businesses. Not just because we too are a small business, but purely for the fact that some of these companies are doing some really kick-ass things.

Take Green Bay, Wisconsin-based Lovely Cigars for example. These guys have resurrected a cigar company that was rolling stogies over a century ago, and have come up with some truly magnificent blends.

That's why, for the month of September, we are offering Klaro Members the chance to try the "Elegante X2" by Lovely Cigars.

Lovely Elegante X2

This flagship cigar is only released in small quantities on a quarterly basis, and was awarded our official stamp of approval for "Surprise Stogie of the Show" at PCA 2023 this year. Believe us when we say that this boutique brand has formulated one hell of a fantastic blend, and the company's intriguing backstory is one that you have to hear. 

Lovely Cigars

So check out our exclusive coverage of the Lovely Cigars booth and our interview with company founder/resurrectionist Mike Gehm, and keep your eyes open for more Klaro coverage of this unique boutique cigar brand.

We get the feeling you'll be hearing a lot more about Lovely Cigars in the upcoming months...

Stogie Specs


Lovely "Elegante X2"


Connecticut Shade (Ecuador)






Tacasa S.A. (Nicaragua)


6" x 52 "Toro"



Pairing Drink

Something Equally Lovely...


Coming Soon...

Lovely Cigars