Klaro Full-Flavored 5-Packs: Fill Your Senses With Strength

Looking for a robust and flavorful 5-pack, but don't know where to turn?

Now might be the time to indulge in Klaro's rotating premier line of flavorful (and sometimes full-strength) premium long-filler cigars: The Klaro Full-Flavored 5-Pack.

The line-up might occasionally change, but the boldness and lip-smacking intensity never waver, and that's precisely why we made this flavor-forward fiver. To offer a curated selection of choice cigars that we feel stogie snobs like yourselves will surely appreciate.

So snag up a mixed fiver of the following full-flavored cigars, or score an individual 5-pack (or box) of your faves, and we'll catch you around the campfire.

Punch Diablo Scamp

Punch Diablo Scamp

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With a 93 rating from Cigar Aficionado and an outstandingly smooth center section, this collaborative blend with AJ Fernandez sticks you with a pitchfork of flavors straight from the light.

It all starts with an Ecuador-born Sumatran wrapper adding spice and dark, fruity herbal zest. Then comes a Connecticut Broadleaf binder for bringing soil and dark malt samples to the table. Finally, there is the concoction of Honduran and Nicaraguan ligero leaf. A long-filler leaf duo that does not disappoint in the black pepper and sun-grown strength side.

A true masterpiece for those who favor bars of dark fudge filled with nuts and creamy caramel. 

Perdomo Sun Grown 10th Anniversary


Perdomo Sun Grown 10th Anniversary

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This smoke is where the world of bourbon barrel-aged cigars was born. Utilizing Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been hand-selected and aged for a minimum of six years, and only the finest leaves at that, this blend takes power and performance to a whole new level.

While many cigar manufacturers opt to barrel-age the binder in a blend, Perdomo chooses to age the wrapper on the 10th Anniversary for 10 months straight in bourbon casks. 

A Nicaraguan sun-grown puro to its core, this blend is a full-bodied experience for those who favor a meatier, earthy smoke with a touch of boozy sweetness.

El Rey Del Mundo Oscuro 


El Rey Del Mundo Oscuro

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While not nearly as widely recognized as brands like Punch and Hoyo de Monterrey, the non-Cuban variant of El Rey Del Mundo makes for a damn good showing with its take on how a dark cigar should look and taste.

Stuffed with notes of dark chocolate and toffee, as well as a slightly mineral vanilla note, this is one of those oddball cigars that is sure to strike true with fans of stronger, full-flavored premium cigar blends. 

CAO Flathead Steel Horse Bullneck 


CAO Flathead Steel Horse Bullneck

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Although it may have a totally different list of ingredients than the rest of the Flathead line, the Steel Horse still retains that Flathead cap and all of the flavor rolled up before it. 

All told, this blend rocks leaf from five different countries, with Connecticut Habano Grueso tackling wrapper duties, Brazilian Arapiraca being the binder, and a combo of Dominican, Honduran, and Nicaraguan tobacco forming the filler.

Leathery yet lush, oaky, and immediately distinguishable, this cigar is the perfect smoke for chopper owners, as well as the average joe chilling by the firepit out back.

Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Barcelona 


Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte Barcelona

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A Honduran take on a classic Cuban name, Sancho Panza Extra Fuerte pushes the boundaries on what an earthy, pepper-heavy stogie should taste like. 

Dark and fruity at times, distinctly earthen and spicy the next, this blend takes a sun-grown San Agustin Honduran wrapper, and then mixes up one intense internal recipe to kick it all up a notch or two.

That translates to a double-cured duo of Cuban-seed ligero leaf for more strength and flavor, as well as a creamy caramelized pudding touch at times. A truly delicious cigar for anyone searching for something box-pressed, full-flavored, and a dash on the obscure end.