Fresh Cigar Gear: Klaro Cylindor Glass Tube Humidor Redefines Stogie Storage

Forever looking to upgrade our cigar storage solutions, and make swanky-ass products in the process, Klaro has concocted a humidor unlike anything else on the market: The Cylindor

Contemporary in design, yet classically styled, this sliding glass jar cigar humidor is about as slick as it gets when it comes to securely stowing cigars. All while simultaneously displaying each stick to the envy of those around you.

Here are a few of the top perks, specs, and considerations to keep in mind if you plan on procuring one of the greatest products to ever come out of the Klaro Humidors portion of our portfolio.

Cylindor Perks & Specs at a Glance

Klaro Cylindor Glass Tube Humidor
  • Pricing is set at just $64.95 per unit, and each order comes with one large Boveda humidity pack to get you started.
  • Structurally, each Cylindor consists of a reinforced glass body, a genuine Spanish Cedar base, an Acacia wood lid with an integrated digital hygrometer, a non-slip rubberized silicone footing, and a drop-in plastic divider system. 
  • The hermetic silicone seal guarantees airtight containment and silent, scratch-free operation.
  • Measuring 9.8" tall, and 5.9" wide, the Cylindor's structure accommodates even the largest Churchill vitolas in the Klaro Cigars portfolio, without being too bulky.
  • Each gunmetal hygrometer utilizes the same ultra-precise humidity and temperature reading technology as what is in Klaro's industry-leading wooden humidors. It's just round instead of rectangular. We've also added a battery level gauge to the hygrometer display so you never miss a humidor humidity and internal temperature level read-out. 
  • The Cylindor's divider system makes sectioning cigars up by blend, flavor profile, or wrapper a cinch. The dual handle design allows an easy pull every time, no matter which angles you approach your Cylindor from or the hand you favor. Why? Because lefties need love too ya'll.
  • Due to its design and precision formed circumference, insert operation provides silent, scratch-free operation every time you slide it upward or push it back down. Just don't pull too far or your stogies may fall out!
  • A rubberized silicone base removes any risk of scratched surfaces and keeps the Cylindor firmly planted wherever it is placed without adding to the humidor's overall footprint. 

Cylindor Tips, Tricks, and Considerations

Klaro Cylindor Glass Tube Humidor

Cylindor Tip #1

When moving your Cylindor around, never hold it by its lid handle. That hermetic seal might be tighter than Rambo's pectorals, but when that puppy is fully loaded with a humidity pack (or two) and a fat stack of stogies, your chance of the lid detaching from the base comes with a 50/50 chance of shattered glass.

Play it safe and hold your Cylindor like a newborn, supporting both its arse and its head simultaneously during transit. After all, this is your new baby, right?

Cylindor Tip #2 

Never leave your Cylindor in the sun, especially when there are stogies inside. Unlike a wooden Klaro humidor, which has more Spanish Cedar inside than any of our competitors, the Cylindor doesn't come with much in the way of insulation or air circulation. That hermetic silicone seal may guarantee industry-leading humidity-retention levels, but unlike that pressure cooker in your kitchen, it does not have a check valve for excess heat ventilation or any condensation that may form.

The same can be said for extremely cold environments, where frigid temps can cause even the most robust cigar wrapper to crack. Simply store your Cylindor in a temperature-controlled space with zero contact with direct sunlight and you'll be golden.

Cylindor Tip #3 

If you want to have your stogies "fan out" when you slide that holder tray upward, then you are going to need to minimize the number of sticks in each compartment. Keep it to about five standard-sized cigars per partition and you should be able to achieve that suave 007-style stogie offering presentation you desire.

Cylindor Tip #4 

While we suggest stuffing no more than 30-40 sticks in a Cylindor at one time, we fully understand that thinner vitolas will allow you to pack quite a bit more tobacco inside.

Those looking to make the most of the real estate available to them can likely squeeze anywhere from 40-50 sticks into a single Cylindor. Naturally, this all depends upon ring-gauge, vitola, humidity pack count, etc.

Cylindor Tip #5 

Speaking of humidity packs, you may need to add an additional Boveda pack to your Cylindor if you plan on maxing it out. Just keep an eye on that über accurate hygrometer, and note that smaller humidity packs can be utilized if your collection requires just a minor bump in humidity.

Cylindor Tip #6 

Larger humidity packs will likely require you to fold the top portion of the paper to allow a snug fit in the plastic partition tray. As for smaller humidity packs, those can get sprinkled about like dollar bills on stage at your uncle's favorite after-hours club.

Cylindor Tip #7 

That Spanish cedar disk at the bottom of the Cylindor will benefit greatly from some seasoning. Just like any traditional, cedar-lined humidor preparation process, a quick wipe-down of that disk with some humidor solution will allow the untreated wood to do what it does best: Absorb moisture and smell amazing in the process.

From there, it can slowly release this moisture back into the enclosed atmosphere above it. Adding further humidity and aromatics to that swanky-ass new glass cigar humidor of yours.