Warped Cigars "Futuro Selección 109" Review: Shade-Grown Corojo From the Future

I'm not sure if it was the red leaf Corojo cigar wrapper, the stubby shape of that Belicoso cap, or that snazzy, completely understated throwback cigar band that drew me in. But I was completely captivated by the "Futuro Selección 109" from Warped Cigars.

Perhaps it was the fact that I tend to enjoy collaborative tobacco blends that enticed me so. For a full-strength, spicy cigar straight from the heart of Nicaragua is very much my style of strong smoke.

Whatever it was, I decided to fire this fine-looking cigar up the other day, and hot damn am I glad that I did. If you are a fan of spicier cigars, and appreciate a Belicoso cigar cap, you'll likely find yourself equally enamored with the Futuro 109.


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Unlit Impressions

Warped Cigars Futuro Selección 109 Belicoso


Taking a snort from the foot of the Futuro 109 is sure to leave your nostrils aquiver. Loads of Corojo leaf layer upon woodsy dryness, with a pungent scent of lush jungle foliage finishing things out. Sweet and spicy, with both full-strength and flavor in abundance, unlit pulls mirror these cigar aromas.

But let's not forget that in order for a cigar to truly stand out, aesthetics must also be on point. And in this case, the Futuro 109 does not disappoint. 

Its captivating red leaf Corojo cigar wrapper. The appeal of that bluntly capped Belicoso vitola. And that retro, understated cigar band with the initials of each man responsible for concocting this premium cigar blend on either side. It all earns massive points from an appeal standpoint.

Initial Smoke

Warped Cigars Futuro Selección 109 Belicoso


Warped’s decision to concoct a spicy, strongarm of a smoke with none other than Max Fernandez of Aganorsa Leaf/Casa Fernandez fame was indeed a wise decision.

Corojo '99 wrapped, Criollo '98 bound, and then Corojo '99 and Criollo '98 filled, the Futuro 109 is a premium cigar blend that promises a vigorous smoking experience. Ignite the foot of this 6-inch long Belicoso beauty, and you will soon realize that this Nicaraguan cigar delivers the goods almost immediately.

This exclusive Aganorsa Leaf farm puro starts peppery and Corojo-flavor forward, and then fills in the gaps with an earthy sweetness that likely stems from the Criollo binder and partial filler. Impressively intoxicating is the best way to describe it.

2nd Half

Warped Cigars Futuro Selección 109 Belicoso

Concocted with richly spiced flavors in mind, but acutely focused on achieving balance as well, the Futuro 109 forms a fantastic halfway point.

Sweet, toasted sakura cherry notes, cinnamon-like baking spices, and a subtle, soil-rich gingery aftertaste all make for a marvelous cigar flavor profile at the midway point.

As full-strength flavors come flooding forth with each pull, the 109's rounded  mouthfeel and impeccably balanced finish perform their own little magic trick. For to compliment that smashingly spicy Corojo cigar wrapper (and its all Nicaraguan Corojo/Criollo filler), a certain level of symmetry is achieved.  

Parting Puffs

Warped Cigars Futuro Selección 109 Belicoso

Make it to the parting puffs portion of this collaboration cigar, and you will realize that all of those promises of power and full-flavors were not made in jest.

Remember, Warped’s Kyle Gellis may be the one who is accredited for creating this premium cigar blend, but Aganorsa Leaf’s Max Fernandez is the one he turned to in order to make it all happen.

That being said, the Futuro Selección 109 is one of those smooth smokes that will make you feel the heat all the way up until the moment it burns your fingertips. Smoke this one sitting down, and try not to stand up too fast when you are done, because the 109 definitely packs a punch toward the end. 

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

Warped Cigars Futuro Selección 109 Belicoso

Outside of a slight canoeing issue toward the final third of the cigar, the Futuro 109 burned beautifully and smoked splendidly. The blunt Belicoso allowed for a very clean cut, and therefore a wide-open draw with loads of smoke were produced throughout.

Final Thoughts

Warped Cigars Futuro Selección 109 Belicoso


I enjoyed almost everything that this cigar had to offer. It could have been a little sweeter and earthier for my taste, and that construction issue at the end definitely deducted some points. But outside of that my qualms with the Futuro 109 were few and far between.

It's a kick in the pants, pop you in the palate sort of Medium-Full cigar. A stogie that doesn't hold back, but still opts to build strength with balance in mind.

Oh, and being that the Futuro Selección 109 is actually an Aganorsa Leaf of Nicaragua creation, TABSA's Nicaraguan farmlands are 100% responsible for this Corojo/Criollo collaboration.

Their decision to use a Jalapa shade-grown Corojo wrapper for a slightly milder smoking sensation was a brilliant decision. For it is the piece de resistance of this cigar, and one that inspires me to want to smoke another Futuro 109 next week. Definitely a premium cigar blend that is worth trying if you are in search of spicier tobacco.


Cigar Stats

Cigar Warped Futuro Selección 109 Belicoso
Wrapper Nicaraguan Shade Grown Jalapa Corojo ‘99
Tobacco Binder/Filler Nicaragua Criollo ’98 and Corojo ‘99 (Filler)
Nicaragua Criollo ‘98 (Binder)
Factory Aganorsa Leaf (Nicaragua)
Size Belicoso
Strength Full
Pairing Drink Rooibos Tea w/ Elderflower Liqueur & Honey
Rating 4.4/5

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