Rojas Cigars "Breakfast Tacos Maduro" Review: Itty-Bitty Dark Mocha Delight

At just $26.20 a 5-pack, both the natural and maduro versions of "Breakfast Tacos" by Rojas Cigars are easily the most affordable stogies within the Klaro portfolio.

OK, so they are about the size of canned Vienna sausage, but don't let that trick you into thinking that these strangely shaped little sticks aren't good value. These sticks burn slowly and cool, with 45 minutes to an hour being our average smoking time per stick.

From what we have been able to determine, Rojas is currently the only cigar manufacturer in the game making these "Salomon" double-perfecto vitola smokes with a binder inside. Most manufacturers just do a wrapper and filler blend, which without, technically prevents the smoke from being revered as a "premium cigar blend."

Remember, you have to have a wrapper, a filler, and a binder in a hand-rolled, pure tobacco leaf product for it to be eligible for premium cigar blend consideration.

But I digress... again...

So while everyone else shies away from rolling these once popular baby vitolas, due both to their time-consuming nature and the market's infatuation with large ring gauges, Rojas has opted to go in a very different direction.

Not just because they are the guys with a motto of "Small Ring Gauges Only," but because Noel Rojas has an amazing product on his hand here. It was the Rojas "Breakfast Tacos Maduro" that first grabbed our attention at PCA 2023, and it continues to strike all the right chords to this day. 

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Unlit Impressions

Rojas Breakfast Tacos Maduro Salomon


With its maximum circumference being a 44-ring gauge, this potent pipsqueak of a cigar is about as little as it gets. Traditional pinched foot on one end, bulbous first third of the barrel, and elongated torpedo taper toward a pointy cap are all well-crafted. Not a soft spot or production flaw to be seen, with an oily, coffee bean brown San Andrés maduro wrapper popping in contrast to that signature sombrero-sporting el esqueleto on the gold and orange cigar band. 

Aromas from the foot are pointless, or entirely too pointy, whichever you prefer. It's just too tiny of an opening to get anything out of, so relying upon the aromas wafting from the barrel is your only real option. Compared to the sample I smoked at the PCA Trade Show a few months back, there's far more mellow milk cocoa to be detected on this stick, and far less coffee and charry caramel. 

Cold pulls are quite different than what I remember, with a burst of mixed-fruit sweetness making me immediately think of a juice blend or a subdued stick of Juicy Fruit gum. This is followed by a dark mocha taste, rainforest floor, and a doughiness that is raw Pillsbury biscuits straight from the can. 

Initial Smoke   

Rojas Breakfast Tacos Maduro Salomon

Tiny-ass foot fired up, the first portion of the Rojas "Breakfast Tacos" takes you for a brief 3-5 minute voyage through fields of kilned coffee and cocoa nibs. Due to the shape of the taper, and overall lack of tobacco combusting at this point, it's not nearly as strong of a start as a common parejo vitola.

1st Half 


Rojas Breakfast Tacos Maduro Salomon

By the time the pinched foot turns to ash, things get a lot more exciting, as the first third houses the majority of the leaf in this cigar. Smoke production spikes, as does strength, flavor, body, and burn rate. Retrohales are intense, and very much a bitter mocha mix.

Skip blowing smoke through your snout, and you'll have a more milky mocha experience. Bits of graham cracker crumble here and there, sweet toffee, a touch of black pepper, perhaps a little dried red pepper flake for good measure, all followed by a slightly funky, fun earthy aftertaste make this the best portion of the smoke in my book. 

2nd Half   

Rojas Breakfast Tacos Maduro Salomon

The problem with smoking something so small, and tapered in a double-perfecto fashion, is that sometimes you wish that the first half could have stuck around a little longer. This is what makes the maduro version of this blend so disappointing to me. 

It's not that the second half of the cigar is bad. It's just that the first 20 minutes of the stick scores so high, that it's impossible to reproduce it in the second half. Almost all of the flavors are the same and still strike a chord, but in more subdued amounts. It's like a filter has been placed on the cigar, so you are only getting a fraction of what you just detected a few minutes prior. 

Parting Puffs   

Rojas Breakfast Tacos Maduro Salomon


Despite being full-flavored, full-bodied, and borderline full strength up until now, this premium cigar blend has been 100% easy-smoking in my book. 

May it be due to the smaller size of the cigar, the overall lack of tobacco, or just the heavily fermented balance of the blend itself, this is a smooth yet strong smoke... until parting puffs arrive.

Intense peppercorn and chili pepper notes, bitter coffee grounds, and a sticky, molasses sweetness tell you it's time to put this pipsqueak down for good.  

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw  

Rojas Breakfast Tacos Maduro Salomon

Although lighting a tapered foot always makes me feel like the cigar is going to either go out or burn unevenly, every sample of "Breakfast Tacos" by Rojas Cigars has burnt brilliantly. 

Everything having to do with ash, construction, burn lines, smoke output, and temperature is deserving of an A+ in every way. Just be careful of pulling too hard too often, as this maduro version in particular can get ultra intense and charred tasting if you aren't careful.

Final Thoughts

Rojas Breakfast Tacos Maduro Salomon

There hasn't been a time when I didn't delight in this premium cigar blend. I loved it in Vegas when I smoked it at the 2023 PCA Show, and I appreciate it even more now.

Bold yet balanced, quirky and cute, yet chock-full of character, this darker maduro version of this all-new blend makes me smile every time I light up. 

The only issue for me is the fact that the second section of the cigar grows more muffled as it combusts. This is surely due to the waning amount of tobacco stuffed inside the tapered vitola's shoulder, but that doesn't stop me from wanting more. 

So if you're reading this, Noel Rojas, please keep this "Petite Salomon" version of your "Breakfast Tacos," but consider adding a slightly larger vitola to your portfolio. Nothing too massive. Just something a little fatter in the secondary section of the smoke would be nice. Perhaps then, this premium cigar blend would be elevated to a 4.8/5 in my book or even beyond...   

Rojas Breakfast Tacos Maduro Salomon

Cigar Stats


Rojas Cigars "Breakfast Tacos Maduro"


San Andrés Maduro (Mexico)








4.5" x 44 "Salomon" (petit-perfecto)



Pairing Drink

Mocha Café au Lait



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