Rojas Cigars "Breakfast Tacos Connecticut" Review: A Corn Tortilla Tostada Taste Test

After coming across the Rojas Cigars covered wagon at the 2023 PCA Trade Show, I became spellbound by the slim little smoke seen here. Not only was it far smaller than it looked in the images I had seen online, but it was scrupulously hand-crafted.

This is no easy task for something so small, and after pairing a maduro version with my morning latte, I followed it that afternoon with a brewski and its Connecticut Shade sister. Both were very well done in regard to construction and burn, and I walked away from the show confident in knowing that both blends would sell well here at Klaro.

Many months later, I have decided to revisit the lighter side of the two cigars, and share my thoughts. And while I adore the maduro, I am still on the fence about the Connecticut Shade Rojas Breakfast Tacos. Perhaps another puff or two will convince me...

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Unlit Impressions  

Rojas Cigars "Breakfast Tacos Connecticut" Review

Tiny, yet tightly bunched and bound, this petit salomon vitola is the ideal cigar embodiment of the dish that it represents. 

Pinched nipple on one end serving as a foot. Long, slanted shoulder with a pointed figurado cap on the other. A tulip-shaped mid-section sits somewhere in between. It all makes for a fat first third, a quick secondary section, and an even faster final hurrah. Discoloration on the shoulder and cap makes for a mild eyesore on one of the sticks, with the other cigars being far more uniform in appearance.

Speaking of appearances, I remain a fan of the banding on anything made by Rojas Cigars. The only complaint with this blend is that being that the vitola is so small, and the band is so large, it looks a little bit unevenly matched.

Aromas on the barrel are all dried hay, buttermilk, and toast, with a little bit of old parchment paper thrown in for good measure. Forget getting anything off the foot. It's just too small. Instead, take a cold pull or two, and you might find a candy sugariness, followed by some doughy biscuit notes, and a touch of vanilla.

Initial Smoke    

Rojas Cigars "Breakfast Tacos Connecticut" Review

Really not much to report here Cap'n. Just a toasted tiny-ass foot and some stray Connecticut Shade wrapper tastes. That means grass, hay, dribbles of wood, and white pepper spice are all that can be found.

1st Half    

Rojas Cigars "Breakfast Tacos Connecticut" Review

Maize corn tortilla chips with a pinch of salt sit directly beneath heaps of hay, and a buttered cracker taste that is just a touch sweet sets the pace.

Strength, body, and flavor all favor medium, with a nice burn and cool smoke. There's a slightly chalky texture to the smoke itself, which is not unpleasant, but a bit odd for the volume of smoke that is forming.

2nd Half     

Rojas Cigars "Breakfast Tacos Connecticut" Review

As body and spice increase to upper medium in the second third, teases of black pepper and toasted corn come and go. The salinity dies back a bit, allowing for rounder, vanilla-like notes to take its place.

Buttered popcorn becomes more of a prominent note toward the start to the final third, and a coating of wildflower honey hits all corners of the mouth and can be detected in the air. 

Parting Puffs      

Rojas Cigars "Breakfast Tacos Connecticut" Review

Dark generic woody notes and a toasted bread flavor overthrow any of the tortilla chips and popcorn from earlier in the last leg. It's more buttery, and at first, tastes nice on top of all that mildly burnt toast. This spirals into a char-bomb before too long though, likely due to the sharply tapered shoulder becoming convoluted with oil and resin.

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw 

Rojas Cigars "Breakfast Tacos Connecticut" Review

Awesome burn, tons of smoke, and clean ash all make for a convincing argument as to why this cigar's construction is so superb. This latter consideration does tend to drop unexpectedly, but that is of no surprise since it only weighs in at a 44 ring-gauge at its widest.

The smoke itself is a little chalky during the first third, and is a bit on the hotter end than I would like. This is interesting, because the barrel does not heat up much at all until parting puffs. 

Final Thoughts 

Rojas Cigars "Breakfast Tacos Connecticut" Review

Small yet satisfying, Breakfast Tacos continue to please every time I spark one up. From cigar band to quirky shape and size, I believe this stick is good suggestion for anyone in search of something out of the ordinary. 

Sadly, the Connecticut-wrapped version continues to struggle to make as much of an impact on me as the much richer (and stronger) maduro version. It's repeatable, and without question recommendable, but the blend itself doesn't strike me as anything exceptional. Perhaps if there were more of a transition between the first and second third, with more honey and vanilla up front I might change my tune.

That said, I still salivate every time that salty, corn chip tortilla taste hits my tongue, and I will continue to smoke this blend when I am pressed for time and want something Connecticut Shade wrapped. 

Flavor, Aroma & Transitions


Depth & Complexity


Construction, Burn & Physical Appeal


Backstory & Branding


Overall Balance & Repeatability


Stogie Specs


Rojas Cigars "Breakfast Tacos Connecticut"


Connecticut Shade (Ecuador)








4½" x 44 "Petit Salomon"



Pairing Drink

Homemade Mixed Citrus Soda



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