PDR Cigars "Capa Sun-Grown" Review: Cola Flavors & Firewood

I, for one, like unusual cigars. 

Not just the limited-release stuff, or super obscure boutique cigar brands. But the run-of-the-mill regular production stuff that contains unique ingredients, odd fermentation techniques, or strange tobacco leaf.

This is why I found the "Capa Sun-Grown" by P.D.R. Cigars so intriguing. For I found it to be filled with all form of creativity, and I'm not just referring to its ingredients...

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PDR Capa Sun-Grown

Unlit Impressions

Packed inside a 60-ring-gauge barrel that measures a full 6 inches long, the "Double Magnum" version of this premium cigar blend is a sizable smoke. 

Pigtail cap on one end, shaggy closed foot on the other, with equally large and vibrant bands on either end, this stogie screams "statement cigar."

But get past the fact that the Claro cigar wrapper was never intended to be sun-grown, yet somehow is, and you'll find there are some very unique smells to this cigar. Old hardwood aromas, cedar, leather, and a sweet earthiness are all there, and a clean cold pull provides all the encouragement you need to light up.

PDR Capa Sun-Grown

Initial Smoke

The start to the "Capa Sun-Grown" is all mellow Claro wrapper, cedar, and squinch of leathery zestiness. There's also a darker, sweeter finish upon retrohaling that pulls straight from that Criollo '98 binder. A very mild start to a sizable cigar.

PDR Capa Sun-Grown

1st Half

As the first third burns, a large ash builds, and with it comes a distinct cola spice taste. It's not sweet, nor too intense, but it is the dominant attribute of the cigar flavor profile at this point.

Balanced by those cedar and leather notes, as well as whiffs of ginger and corojo spice here and there, the first half of this 60-ring-gauge stick sings with lighthearted vibrancy and flavor.

PDR Capa Sun-Grown

2nd Half

About halfway in, the taste of cracked black pepper emerges, surely from the corojo filler's ligero leaf. Flavors of powdered coriander seed mingle with these notes and settle atop the layer of vanilla-like cola that's already established. 

It's a very intriguing combination that brightens the darker earthen notes provided by the Criollo binder. There's also a fair deal of creamy Claro leaf flavor going on, which due to being of the sun-grown variety, stands up nicely to the cigar's stronger internals.


PDR Capa Sun-Grown

Parting Puffs 

Toward the final third, a salty, savory taste makes its presence known. It's not full-blown steak seasoning, but pretty damn close. 

And as the flavors evolve, so too does the strength of the cigar, with mild-medium giving way to a solid medium in regard to mouthfeel and finish. That cola taste is still there, it just has taken a backseat, along with all of the herbal, citrusy coriander notes.

This was a fantastic final transition, as all of the flavors of the cigar remained distinctly detectable. It all fit together seamlessly to create a series of parting puffs that were quite unforgettable. 

PDR Capa Sun-Grown

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

By utilizing an "entubar" style of long-filler bunching, P.D.R. has made the Double Magnum vitola of the "Capa Sun-Grown" a performance powerhouse.

Draw, smoke production, ash hold, and heat all scored top marks. 

PDR Capa Sun-Grown

Final Thoughts

Obviously, I truly enjoyed the "Capa Sun-Grown" by P.D.R. Cigars. There was just one winning moment after another with this stick, and holy hell did it burn well.

Mild in appearance, and medium in strength and body once it's all said and done, there's a lot to be said for this particular premium cigar blend, and it's almost all good in my book.

While I would have preferred having the ability to punch the cigar to better control the amount of smoke pulled through, there was little to dislike in the construction of this smoke. The same can be said for flavor and aromatics, which were very lively and playful throughout.

Definitely a must-smoke cigar for those who are down with a decently sized cigar circumference...


PDR Capa Sun-Grown

Cigar Stats


PDR Cigars "Capa Sun-Grown"


Claro Sun-Grown (Ecuador)


Criollo '98 (Dominican Republic) 


Corojo Seco & Ligero (Dominican Republic)


Dominican Republic


6" x 60 "Double Magnum" 



Pairing Drink

Sapporo White Ale



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