La Palina "Kill Bill Part Two" Review: I'm Not Dead Yet!

About a decade back, La Palina head honcho, Bill Paley, requested that his master blenders produce a robust EDC smoke for him to enjoy on his daily commute.

As the story goes, Bill was nearly knocked out by the potency of the blend, and after some deliberation, the marketing team decided to release the premium cigar blend under the most appropriate title: Kill Bill.

But being that Quentin Tarantino would not be too fond of them utilizing his prized movie title, the decision to utilize the letters "KB" as the primary form of branding was implemented. Recently, this blend has earned an impressive 89 rating from Cigar Aficionado in consecutive reviews. 

This is the first time that we have stocked "Kill Bill" by La Palina in the Klaro humidor, and to celebrate stocking such a fun, full-strength smoke, we've decided to let our Klaro members get the first chance to try it. For as you shall soon see, this truly is one action-packed stogie... 

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Unlit Impressions  

La Palina "Kill Bill"

Although the aromatics of the cigar itself skew more toward sweet, corojo-spiced, and cedar-forward, it is the branding of the cigar itself that truly captures the senses. 

Blood splatters and gory typography rest alongside that bright white KB badging. On the backside you will discover the La Palina logo, and in Japanese kanji characters, the phrase: "Kill the Bill." Think of a bill getting killed in the Senate. Yeah, that sort of scenario.

May it be accidental, or perhaps due to the fact that Tarantino had the Japanese version of the film franchise name copywrited, I found this portion of the band quite amusing.

A bit veiny, but not overly apparent either, construction is solid, and the double criollo binder gives the body of the barrel a nice tight embrace.

Initial Smoke 

La Palina "Kill Bill"

Fire up one of these rosy red rosado Corojo '99 wrapped cigars, and you'll be overcome with fruity flavors and sweet apple juiciness. It's a surprisingly mild start to a strong blend that really gets you salivating and a nice warm-up to what is to follow.

1st Half

La Palina "Kill Bill"

Within no time, intense corojo spice flavors parade in to join those Fuji apple notes, along with a nice kick of cedar, and a creamy almond taste. It also becomes a bit leathery, and that additional criollo binder makes for a pleasantly sweet earthen aftertaste.

Nicotine is notable within the first fifteen minutes, as is the uptick in strength and flavor intensity. The smoke itself is a real joy as well, as it adds a full-body feeling to the experience and really coats the senses.

2nd Half 

La Palina "Kill Bill"

In the second portion of the cigar, a shift toward criollo tobacco can be detected. There are also distinct flavors of gourmet red licorice and toasted tree nuts. The corojo contents become more burly as well, with spicy notes of red pepper causing the palate to tingle long after the last exhale. 

Parting Puffs 

La Palina "Kill Bill"

Chewy, earthy, and equal parts salty and sweet, the final third and its subsequent parting puffs impart a powerful, yet very pleasant medley of tastes upon the palate. 

There's some black tea bitterness in there, along with some charred cedar staves, and a very round mouthfeel that borders on being heavy. A ton of fun if you are into full cigars and are in need of a very different sort of final transition before putting down the stick and calling it quits. 

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw 

La Palina "Kill Bill"

Bordering on perfection, this Corona Gorda vitola burned brilliantly from ignition to the moment I killed it... er... extinguished it.

And while the cigar didn't require one touch-up, and held a tight white ash throughout, it was the physical side of the smoke that you pull into your mouth that was the real star of the show. Lush and plentiful, I was bowled over by how much enjoyment the smoke this cigar produces can provide.

Final Thoughts  

La Palina "Kill Bill"

Well, that kicked a whole lot of ass. I get the feeling that the larger ring gauge of the "Kill Bill Part Three" that you will receive in the mail shortly will be even better. 

Apparently, its got even more ligero leaf primings in it from the top portions of the tobacco plant, so even more ass-kicking all around for everyone! 

I don't hand out high reviews all that often, but this cigar really did rock my world, and I plan to be smoking another sample that was handed to me at PCA 2023 here shortly. 

La Palina "Kill Bill"

Cigar Stats


La Palina "Kill Bill Part Two"


Corojo '99 (Honduras)


Double Criollo (Honduras)


Criollo and Corojo (Nicaragua)




6" x 40 "Corona Gorda"



Pairing Drink

Pomegranate Vinegar and Dai-Dai Juice w/ Sparkling Water 



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