Cigar of the Month: Graycliff Chateau & Graycliff Silver

The Graycliff Silver is made in the Graycliff factory, in the Bahamas, by the same maestro that ran the Cohiba factory in Cuba. So as you can imagine, you can expect a very Cubanesque feel and taste profile. One really unique thing Graycliff does is use a 4 country binder/filler blend -- Costa Rican, Honduran, Philippian, and Nicaraguan, which gives it a really unique profile.

For the month of January 2023, all Klaro Membership subscribers receive either a Graycliff Silver or Graycliff Chateau to try. 


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This cigar is nice and fat, with a darker, oily looking wrapper. It looks like a Hershey bar and smells great.

1st Third

Graycliff Silver

First off, this cigar is reminiscent of a cuban. It's got a great earthy, woody type of tone with lots of richness. Small notes of spice and pepper. 

2nd Third


The second third this cigar continues with a balanced light peppery spice, along with underpinnings of espresso bean. Still a medium cigar and nothing too strong. 

Last Third

The last third gets a bit fuller and some of those chocolate notes come out to play.

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

This cigar produced big, beautiful plumes of white smoke, and I didn't have to correct the burn or draw at all. Well rolled.

Final Thoughts

Finding cool gems in the Bahamas like the Greycliff silver is truly what this hobby is all about. Definitely a bucket list cigar, especially given the limited availability and price point.

Cigar Stats

Cigar Greycliff Silver
Wrapper Ecuador Habano
Tobacco Binder/Filler Costa Rican, Honduran, Philippian, and Nicaraguan
Factory Bahamas 
Size Torpedo
Strength Medium
Pairing Drink Rum
Rating 4.3/5

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