Espinosa Cigars "Comfortably Numb Vol 2" Review: Trippy Band Bro, Too Bad the Tour Got Canceled

Adding to the increasingly extensive list of "Cigars that kick ass, but dammit, somehow got benched or possibly discontinued..." comes one that isn't even listed on its manufacturer's website, or any of its social media platforms for that matter.

When Espinosa Cigars decided to produce a trifecta of cigars sporting psychedelic boxes and banding, and then named the entire line after a Pink Floyd track, we knew some seriously psychotropic shit was going on behind the scenes. 

And so after looking at Volumes 1–3, each of which sports the same band and box design but in different colors, we settled upon Comfortably Numb Vol. 2 by Espinosa Cigars. Not knowing that in a few short months, we would be unable to source this blend due to global shortages. 

We aren't kidding in that this cigar line has been (and likely will continue to be) a completely unloved side project for the boutique cigar brand that is Espinosa Cigars. Nowhere, on any of the company's social media platforms have we been able to sight a single photo or a mere mention of the Comfortably Numb line.

This is rather strange, especially when you think about the shit-ton of time, money, resources, and sweat that were sunk into producing this trio of trippy cigars. 

So whether the entire line is discontinued, or merely sidelined for the likes of Guy Fieri and his collab cigars, the entire Comfortably Numb line is currently "only coming through in waves."  If you didn't catch that last tidbit of italicized classic rock glory, don't worry. You are young, and life is long, and there is time to kill today... 

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Unlit Impressions 

Espinosa Cigars "Comfortably Numb Vol 2" Review

It may look and smell like regular old citrus, spice, cedar, and psilocybin spiked tea corojo, but there's a salty bowl of Chex-Mix and pretzels in there somewhere as well. According to an array of sources from within the cigar industry, this is actuallymaduro corojo wrapper on this Vol. 2, and so it is a tad darker and earthier than the norm. 

While not unheard of, it is rare to find a corojo wrapper reaching this level of fermentation and still be in one piece, as they are prone to decomposition far sooner than say a Connecticut Broadleaf varietal. Now as for how long this wrapper was fermented for, that's anyone's guess. But just by judging by color and aromatics, probably not for too far beyond the average corojo fermentation length. 

Adding even more flavorful fun to the fray is the fact that this is a ligero outer leaf. So top primings from the plant for more intensity at every turn, and enough aromatics to make you wish you had larger nostrils. This is further compounded by an all-ligero leaf Honduran/Nicaraguan filler concoction and a mysterious Nicaraguan binder that is likely rather stout in structure. Altogether, this returns an unlit aromatic that is equal parts turmeric and cinnamon, with a shake or two of dried oregano sprinkled atop some pastry dough for shits-n-giggles.

So it smells really damn nice and has a band that makes you feel like you are in the midst of an acid flashback, but what about construction? Although soft spots and an underfilled foot severed some stars from my review cigar, the sample stick that I smoked prior was a gem of a toro, and outside of some slight mottling looked and felt superb. 

Initial Smoke 

Espinosa Cigars "Comfortably Numb Vol 2" Review

Ligero leaf to the throat and corojo pepper upon the palate, things get rowdy and fully underway right away. But that's more of a retrohale experience, and by keeping the smoke exclusively downstairs in your mouth, you get more of that salted pretzel and Chex-Mix start than a spicy fireball of corojo fun. So choose your path wisely fellow stogie smoker...

1st Half   

Espinosa Cigars "Comfortably Numb Vol 2" Review

Burning quickly and cleanly, the first third produces a floral flavor-bomb, which for my set of hypersensitive taste buds, is more rose hip tea than full-blown potpourri. With ligero spice sending you one fat crack of black pepper after the first dash of white, and then following it up with a little bit of red to keep you on your toes, there's definitely some fire up front on this blend for all ye corojo junkies out there.

This is backed by every ounce of salted pretzel snack mix from startup, along with some rich, malty rye bread notes. This tames things down a dash, and thanks to the finish being rather short at this moment in the cigar, makes for an appealing (and palatable) approach angle.

2nd Half    

Espinosa Cigars "Comfortably Numb Vol 2" Review

With sweet cedar increasing, and the doughy dessert pastry flavor pushing outward, retrohales mellow with every pull past the mid-section of this 6-inch long toro. Buttery, citrus-forward, and chewy, the smoke is more lemon tart than tough, leathery ligero at this moment, so there's a shift toward the mellower side during this transitional phase for sure.

The final third is a bit of a peanut butter bomb, and the smoke becomes far more full-bodied and oily, with a much longer finish following thereafter. The body is still medium, and so too is flavor, with strength being a bit more toward full than center. 

Parting Puffs    

Espinosa Cigars "Comfortably Numb Vol 2" Review

Nicotine! Oh how you sneak up on us when we are least expecting it, then, Kablooie! Time to hand over your car keys or take a power nap with the bums in the park...

While the first cigar didn't clobber me with this addictive stimulant, its effects were detectable toward the end of the final third. The second smoke was quite a bit more heavy-handed, and although the buzz I received in parting puffs was something I would label as "pleasant," it did cause me to pause and take a deep breath here and there. 

Dopey disclaimer submitted, we turn toward flavors, which in parting puffs are near perfect. In fact, I would label this section of the stick the star of the show if it weren't for the second third's spectacular showing of rich, spiced corojo flavor and sun-grown ligero leaf lusciousness. In contrast, the last few minutes of this cigar are a strong iced tea taste, complete with a squeeze of lemon and a little bit of sugar. Bittersweet, darkly refreshing, and rolling in rich aromas, there was not much to dislike outside of there not being another inch or two to enjoy in parting puffs.

Ash / Burn / Smoke / Draw

Espinosa Cigars "Comfortably Numb Vol 2" Review

Here is a prime example of a cigar with a fluid draw, but mediocre smoke production. It's a rare, yet completely confounding occurrence, and for whatever reason annoys me deeply. The smoke in my mouth and nostrils felt just fine, with its medium body and easy-going finish. But there should have been a blanket of smoke exhaled for how open the draw was on this blend both times, so I'm definitely docking some slivers off a star for that misstep. 

The burn was, for the most part, clean and cool outside of the second and final third getting a bit warm on me. Ash drops and the occasional rogue wave was also prominent, with the latter of these resulting in a single, sizable touch-up taking place on the review cigar. Zero corrections were made on the sample stick, even though it did also burn a bit hot and produced a dirty-looking ash.

Final Thoughts  

Espinosa Cigars "Comfortably Numb Vol 2" Review

If it hasn't been discontinued, Espinosa Cigars needs to spend some marketing dollars on this line of theirs, because as far as Vol. 2 goes, it's got some serious legs underneath it. While I would very much like to see us get the other two volumes in stock, I feel completely happy with pretty much everything that this corojo maduro has in store. 

Forget the minor missteps along the way with construction and burn. Neither cigar went out on me, and touch-ups were easily addressed. So what if the flavors seem a spot faint at times and slightly strange? Many perceive this as smoothness and the result of balanced blending. 

Cigar flavor profiles and performance are extremely subjective, and in some ways, predetermined based purely upon the blend and whether the smoker already favors such a mixture. I happen to adore corojo leaf, no matter where it might be placed within or upon a cigar. Maduro tobacco is also a favorite of mine, so seeing it take to a corojo wrapper makes this cigar extra special to me. 

But that doesn't mean I didn't notice how this added fermentation "muddies" the cigar flavor profile at times. Spicy, citrusy, and herbal notes were often overpowered by clay-like earth, peanut butter, and a wet woodiness, leaving those splendid tea notes and pastry dough tastes little room to emerge until near the end. Still, this is one smashingly smooth, somewhat obtuse smoke, and it definitely deserves a sample if you can handle a bit of strength and spice along the way.

Espinosa Cigars "Comfortably Numb Vol 2" Review

Flavor, Aroma & Transitions

Depth & Complexity

Construction, Burn & Physical Appeal

Backstory & Branding

Overall Balance & Repeatability

Stogie Specs


Espinosa Cigars "Comfortably Numb Vol 2"


Corojo '99 Maduro Ligero




Honduras & Nicaragua (all ligero)




6" x 52 "Toro" 



Pairing Drink

Japanese Key Lime Soda



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