Smoke & Eggs: The Unsung Art of the Brunch Cigar

If the thought of torching a full-bodied cigar first thing after you get out of bed turns you off, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 

Except for maybe Mark Twain, Winston Churchill, and other cigar-smoking freight trains of their caliber, stogies tend to be more of an afternoon and evening celebratory experience. 

Sure, there are times when a midday smoke is in order: on holiday, or when tending to a few slabs of meat on the offset barbecue smoker. But what’s all this noise about breakfast cigars and morning smoking routines? And why in the world would anyone fire up a stick first thing in the morning? 

Contrary to common misconception, there's actually way more to a brunch cigar than a breakfast burrito and whatever spare stick is rolling around inside that bespoke cigar humidor of yours.  And here's why...

What in the Hell is a Brunch Cigar Anyhoo?

If anyone on this green earth knows more about tobacco cultivation, fermentation, aging, curing and winning long-filler, binder, and cigar wrapper combinations, it’s a master blender. These highly skilled artisans aren’t the type who just flop whatever is laying around the fermentation room into a bunch, box-press the crap out of it, wrap it up, and then hope for the best. 

Yes, there is a hefty amount of experimentation and prayer during those preliminary test runs, but the actual formulation of a premium cigar blend takes concise calculation and a ton of understanding. 

Having the fortitude to formulate a premium cigar blend around a set series of cigar flavor attributes sets a master blender apart from a fledgling nicotine nerd. 

Today’s topic brings with it a bit of insight into these highly skilled, and often imaginative tobacco experts. They are often the first to fire-up a cigar in the morning. Whether with a preferred morning cup of caffeine, with a pinch of the hair of the dog from the night prior, or perhaps post-breakfast as a digestif, the following cigar options are all outstanding additions to your morning routine. 

Just pretend you are on set during the filming of an episode of Mad Men, but without all of the pointy brassieres and pestering copy edits.

5 Magnificent Brunch Cigars (mimosas optional)


Macanudo Portofino

While the Cafe Prince Philip from Macanudo may be a brilliant chariot of choice when it comes to selecting a mild summer cigar, chomping down on something that large first thing in the a.m. can be a bit intimidating. 

At half an inch shorter, and a whopping 15 ring gauges smaller in circumference, this slender cigar is the perfect pendulum swing between mild and nutty, and quick and tasty. Just be mindful that you don’t puff too intensely on this thin cigar, for fear of overheating its internals.

Avo Classic No. 2


Creamy, milky, yet a hint on the bold end toward the finish, the Classic No. 2 by Avo is a sensational brunch cigar for a multitude of reasons. Toasted pecan, sweet praline candy, a hint of cinnamon spice and vanilla are all here.

Throw in clouds of mild-to-medium smoke and a sharply suited sun-grown Connecticut Broadleaf cigar wrapper from Davidoff, and you’ve got one ideal toro brunch-friendly cigar type.

Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Super Toro

Mild and meticulously manufactured, Perdomo’s Reserve Champagne 10th Anniversary Churchill is in a league of its own, regardless of when you set its foot afire.

Beneath this 7-inch long Churchill’s bright gold band and flawless Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade cigar wrapper, you will discover a treasure trove of flavors and retronasal nuances. 

Blended exclusively from Cuban-seed and Nicaraguan tobaccos that have seen no fewer than 6-years of aging and fermentation, the “champagne” of cigars is actually a bourbon whiskey barrel creation. Milky vanilla, buttered toast, oak tannins, and a dollop of sweetness for good measure all make this one delicious cigar for a lazy morning

Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto


Box-pressed, oily, stubby, veiny, and undeniably distinctive in unlit aroma and appearance, the Robusto size of the Serie G from Oliva is a premium coffee drinker’s dream companion come to life.

All of the roasted coffee, toffee, caramel, and cafe au lait love is there and then some with this chewy little cigar type. Medium in body, but never intense in strength, the Serie G Maduro is brilliantly executed from foot to cap. Being that it is also so slight of stature, this short smoke makes for a fine addition to a morning routine when an itinerary must b upheld. 

Curivari Buenaventura Pralines P554


Don’t let the name put you off. This cigar is all about sitting to a nice brunch spread and sharing some quality time with friends and family.

This Nicaraguan may sound like a real lightning rod for full-bodied fun, but it’s far more of a mellow cigar type than one might expect. 

Flavor-packed, yet completely approachable by garden variety medium-strength cigar smokers, the Buenaventura Pralines P554 is one of those rare birds that truly does come home to roost. Which in this cigar’s case, includes a beautiful box-pressed barrel, steady burn rates and strength throughout, and an even pull. 

Chocolate, peppercorns, and a sweet, tangy smack of spice finish this boutique premium cigar blend out quite nicely. We recommend opting for an Irish coffee with this one, as it will have the strength and sweetness to stand up to the cigar’s medium body.

Parting Puffs

If you do just so happen to have the ability to light up a cigar before, during, or after your next brunch hobnobbing foray, be sure to keep the aforementioned five cigars in the forefront of your mind.

And while a milder cigar type may seem like the obvious choice due to their simplicity and approachability, there’s a lot to be said for a Maduro cigar wrapper and a primo cup of coffee. Or a toasty sun-grown Connecticut wrapper for when that bruncheon feast is complete, and it’s time to relax and digest.

Either way, we’ve got you and your brunch routine covered here at Klaro cigars, with affordable monthly membership cigar subscription plans, and 5-pack bundles that bring you the very best premium cigar blends on the planet.