Deep Dive: Which Travel Humidor is Best for Me and My Cigars?

So the time has come to head out for a weekend adventure, and you have decided to bring a few select stogies along for the ride.


But before you get to the conundrum of deciding which blends to bring, you have to prepare a travel case of some sort for your precious, premium long-filler cargo.

Cigar travel humidors, or weekender travel cases as some prefer to call them, are pretty much mandatory gear if you are into smoking on the go, or plan on bringing some additional sticks to share.

Over the years, I slowly but surely upgraded my travel humidor collection, and thanks to this kick-ass job of mine at Klaro, my cigars (and style points) are now better than ever.

However, there's always room for improvement, and like automobiles, there is no such thing as the perfect travel humidor.

This is precisely why it is so important to have a few different forms of secure stogie transit handy at all times. With the following three options being my go-to Klaro travel humidor solutions, as each one provides its own unique protective perks style points.


3 Cigar Travel Case

Klaro Three-Cigar Leather Travel Case


8 Cigar Travel case

Maxwell Travel Cigar Case


Travel Humidor

Flint Italian Leather Cigar Travel Case